Each Survivor in Evil Dead is different, so make sure to make everyone's acquaintance before diving into a match.

Evil Dead: The Game Survivor Class Skills Guide

Each Survivor in Evil Dead is different, so make sure to make everyone's acquaintance before diving into a match.

To get good at Evil Dead: The Game you must first understand the difference between the four Survivor classes. Each plays a different role, and you’ll want to compose balanced teams. Since Evil Dead is also a hero-based game, this means picking a Survivor you like and feel comfortable with in each class.

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Initially, it doesn’t seem like Evil Dead: The Game’s characters are that different from one another, but as you spec them out (and respec them), you will be able to make each character your own. But before you do that, let’s get to know the classes. 

A Closer Look at Survivor Classes in Evil Dead: The Game

Each Survivor in Evil Dead: The Game has a unique linear tree of special skills that unlock as you level them up. Aside from those, there is only one unique skill tree per class that is the same for all characters.

All characters have four skills total and start with two of those skills unlocked. The other two skills unlock when a character hits level 10 and level 25 respectively. This structure encourages you to spec each character in a given class differently, similar to how you would in something like XCOM

Breaking Down Each Evil Dead Class

  • Leader —  Leaders are strong characters with abilities that buff their teammates. The Leader skill tree allows them to upgrade their special auras. 
  • Warrior — Warriors are the tanks of Evil Dead. Their abilities help them stay alive while also dealing massive AoE damage.
  • Hunter — Hunters are the best built for solo combat, but they are also useful in a group setting, they just don’t buff others like the Leader or Support. Instead, they help by finding supply crates, resources, and traps. 
  • Support — Supports are the healing class of Evil Dead. They help heal and reduce fear among their teammates. 

Leader Skill Tree 

The Leader’s tree primarily focuses on survivability skills like stamina reduction and health buffs. Later, this branches out into skills that increase damage output or the power of your special abilities. We recommend putting points into those unique skills.

Each leader also has an aura ability. The skills Echoes of the Aura and Master of Influence are some of the best for strengthening your aura and helping out your team. 

Ash Williams (Ash Vs Evil Dead) Unique Skills
  • Show up and Blow up: Generates an explosion that damages balance and health.
  • El Jefe: An aura that affects all survivors within range, increasing their fear resistance and damage output.
  • Old Friend (Lvl 10): Start matches with the chainsaw.
  • El Jefe Grande (Lvl 25): Enhances your aura’s effects when performing a finisher or dismemberment.  
Annie Knowby Unique Skills 
  • Hit Em Where It Hurts: Increases ranged damage from Annie and teammates who are near her when activated.
  • Howitzer: An aura that increases ranged weapon damage for all teammates nearby.
  • Haymaker (Lvl 10): Attacks within the aura’s radius cause more damage to the balance bar of basic enemies.
  • Slugger (Lvl 25): Attacks within the aura’s radius cause more damage to the balance bar of elite and boss enemies.
Lord Arthur Unique Skills 
  • The Lord’s Wrath: Reduces fear levels and increases the damage inflicted by your melee and those of your nearby teammates. If Lord Arthur has a sword, he inflicts extra damage.
  • Weapon Master Heavy Attacks: You and all teammates within the aura’s radius deal 30% increased damage with Heavy Melee Attacks. Start the match with a Sword.
  • Weapon Master: Light Attacks (Lvl 10): You and all teammates within the aura’s radius deal 30% increased damage with Light Melee Attacks.
  • Finish With Fire (Lvl 25): When you perform a finisher, you and your nearby teammates are temporarily granted The Lord’s Wrath Ability.

Warrior Skill Tree

Many of the later skills in the Warrior tree increase damage done with certain types of weapons. We recommend specializing in what you like to use best, instead of splitting points between heavy and light melee or ranged.

The unique Warrior skills Second Wind and Fighting Shape are both great to get as early as you can. Each increases melee damage when your health is either above or below a certain threshold. This means a well-built Warrior can easily be the deadliest class in Evil Dead: The Game.

Ash Williams (Army of Darkness) Unique Skills
  • Wiseman’s Potion: Active skill that reduces health and fear, as well as damage received. Increases damage dealing. 
  • Shield Blast: Each time your shield loses a bar, it triggers an explosion.
  • Finish Strong (Lvl 10): After Ash kills an enemy with a finisher, he recovers part of his shield bar.
  • Weapon Master: Chainsaw (Lvl 25): The Chainsaw has a faster attack speed and deals increased damage. 
Scotty Unique Skills
  • Thunder Thrust: When activated, this explosive move damages all enemies within a radius.
  • Collateral Damage: Your heavy melee attacks inflict additional damage to nearby enemies.
  • Exposure Therapy (Lvl 10): Partially reduces your fear levels with every enemy you kill.
  • Weapon Master: Lumberjack Axe (Lvl 25): The Lumberjack Axe has a faster attack speed and deals increased damage.
Henry the Red Unique Skills
  • Unstoppable: Temporarily prevents damage to health or shield.
  • Shields Up: Start the match with an additional shield bar.
  • Rebound (Lvl 10): Reflects a percentage of damage you receive back onto your attacker.
  • Battle Hardened (Lvl 25): Increases maximum health and shield bar length.

Hunter Skill Tree

The Hunter has access to a wide range of skills. If you want to invest in making shields better, increasing ranged weapon or melee damage, or disabling traps, you can do all of that with a Hunter.

The class also has a very useful skill called Quicker Picker Upper that lets you pick up items faster, and you can exorcise teammates. 

Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2) Unique Skills 
  • Exorcist: Exorcizes the demon from any possessed Survivor. If used on a possessed elite or boss unit, the ability will drain infernal energy from the demon.
  • Treasure Hunter: See supply crates through walls at close range.
  • I’m the Guy with the Double-Barrel (Lvl 10): Start the match with the double-barrel.
  • Weapon Master: Double-Barrel (Lvl 25): The double-barrel has a faster attack speed and deals increased damage.
Ed Getley Unique Skills 
  • It’s a Trap: Grants the use of a unique flashlight that allows you to detect and disarm traps.
  • Enduring Light: Increases the battery life of your flashlight. 
  • Weapon Master: Crossbow (Lvl 10): The crossbow has a faster attack speed and deals increased damage.
  • The Collector (Lvl 25): Increases the chance that defeated enemies will drop items. It also improves the chance of finding crates of higher rarity.
Kelly Maxwell Unique Skills
  • Slipshot: When active, you dodge without using stamina and your ranged attacks cause bleeding damage.
  • Weapon Master: Meat Hammer: The meat hammer has a faster attack speed and deals increased damage.
  • Countershot (Lvl 10): Your next ranged attack after a successful dodge inflicts bleeding damage.
  • Battle Frenzy (Lvl 25): Your melee damage increases the longer you are in sustained combat.
Amanda Fisher Unique Skills 
  • Ammo for Days: Allows you to temporarily fire your ranger weapons without using ammo.
  • Trusty Sidearm: Start the match with a pistol.
  • Weapon Master: Pistol (Lvl 10): The pistol has a faster attack and deals increased damage.
  • Accuracy Counts (Lvl 25): Damage dealt by your ranged weapons increases with each consecutive hit.

Support Skill Tree

The Support is one of the most interesting classes in terms of builds. The tree contains plenty of regular skills that will make your character stronger, but the class has a focus on increasing resource efficiency. Support skills allow you to carry more healing items and matchsticks and reduces how long it takes you to use them. 

It is important to also invest points in the skills First Aid and Courage in Numbers. First Aid increases the amount of health revived teammates recover, while Courage in Numbers reduces your Fear meter whenever you successfully revive a teammate.

If you take advantage of these skills and become an efficient medic, no demon player will ever be able to take down your squad. 

Ash Williams (The Evil Dead) Unique Skills
  • Reassuring Presence: Reduces Fear levels for you and nearby teammates.
  • Alternative Healing: Heavy melee attack hits partially restore health for you and nearby teammates.
  • Marked Target: Damage (Lvl 10): Headshots mark the target; any follow-up shots from teammates deal additional damage.
  • Marked Target: Healing (Lvl 25): Headshots mark the target; any follow-up shots from teammates restore a percentage of damage dealt as health. 
Cheryl Williams Unique Skills 
  • Healing Touch: Create a healing zone for you and your teammates.
  • Cola Coaster: Carry more Shemp’s Cola and start the match with an extra in your inventory.
  • Contact Courage (Lvl 10): Drinking a Shemp’s partially reduces your Fear and the Fear of nearby teammates.
  • Contact Healing (Lvl 25): When you drink a Shemp’s, nearby teammates will also gain health. 
Pablo Simon Bolivar Unique Skills  
  • Gift From El Brujo Especial: When activated you begin creating an amulet and then drop it to the ground upon completion.
  • Infernal Camouflage: Demons cannot detect you using Demon Vision. 
  • Legacy of El Brujo (Lvl 10): You begin the match with an additional amulet.
  • Shamanic Protection (Lvl 25): Your shield bar will gradually recover until you have at least one full shield bar.

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