Evil Dead: The Game — How to Respec Characters

Evil Dead: The Game generously lets you respect your characters whenever you want. Here's how to do it.

Progression in Evil Dead: The Game revolves around leveling up characters and putting skill points into their respective skill trees. By playing as a character to gain XP or using Spirit Points to level them up, you will be able to put dozens of points into a large tree of passive and active abilities. But what if you want to respec them into something different to better fit your playstyle?

While each Survivor class and Demon has its own unique tree, characters' special abilities are what set them apart from one another. If you play two different characters in the same class you may spec them out identically or realize (too late) that you've put points into something that doesn't align with your playstyle.

In these instances, you may think it's time to respec your character. Here's how to do so.

How to Respec Characters in Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead: The Game forgoes the usual punishments or limitations associated with respeccing. Instead, whenever you view your characters in the Collection screen, you can reassign character stats at any time. There are no special items required. You can do this with every single character, even the Demon classes. 

You have options to remove individual skill points and to respec entirely. There is no way to move points you've put into a character to another Survivor, though, so you still have to be careful with how you spend your Spirit Points. But once you've put points into a character, they can be moved around in whichever way you see fit. At any time. It's pretty great! 

The commands to reset skill points and remove skill points can be found in the bottom right of the Collection screen (as shown in the screenshot above). For example, press LT/L2 on Xbox/PlayStation to reset skill points entirely or X/Square to remove a skill point from a specific skill tree node.

Since the trees unlock higher tier skills as you put points into abilities, you can shuffle around points you have stockpiled in other categories into better skills as you continue to level. You still have to have at least one point in a skill to unlock the corresponding follow-up, but overall Evil Dead: The Game is extremely malleable and encourages players to experiment with different builds. 

And that's how you respec characters to move around skill points for different playstyles and builds. For more Evil Dead: The Game tips and tricks, visit the game's dedicated guide hub right here


Published May. 17th 2022

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