Exoprimal: All Alpha Suit Variants in Season 1 Listed

More playable units are coming to Exoprimal. Here's the lowdown on the Alpha Variant Exosuits.

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Exoprimal hasn’t been out long, but players have found that there’s plenty of content to unlock and expect in the future. While new dinosaur enemies and modes are highly anticipated, something else that you can look forward to is new exosuits with new designs and weapons. Here’s what we know about all the Alpha Variant Suits in Season 1.

All Alpha Suit Variants in Exoprimal Season 1 Listed

Alpha Variant Exosuits are different versions of the already existing exosuits in Exoprimal. While that means they’re not entirely brand-new, they do stand apart with slightly different designs and, more importantly, different weapons that they use.

Deadeye Alpha

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This Season 1 variant of Deadeye ditches the assault rifle for a short-range shotgun. Any desire for quick damage can still be met though, as aiming down the sight switches it to a powerful five-shot burst.

Zephyr Alpha

Image via Capcom

Instead of a pair of tonfa for close-range attacks, Zephyr Alpha utilizes a pair of chakram that it can throw out for long-range damage. His attack increases at range as well, so this version of Zephyr will play in the opposite manner to the original.

Barrage Alpha

Image via Capcom

Barrage Alpha leaves the explosive crossbow behind for a rocket launcher in its Season 1 variant. What separates it further from the weapon you’re used to is that the rocket launcher can be charged to create larger and more damaging explosions. He can also use these large blasts to effectively rocket jump and gain more height. With such big changes, there’s no telling how this might place him on our tier list once he’s available.

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Vigilant Alpha

Image via Capcom

If you’re not a fan of a single-shot sniper rifle that needs to be charged to inflict more damage, Vigilant Alpha can provide some variety with a new semi-automatic rifle. Some of the bullets in its clip will deal extra damage and appear to be marked in yellow when aiming down the sights.

Roadblock Alpha

Image via Capcom

Roadblock Alpha will handle a bit differently than the Roadblock you know. Activating his shield will now place it on the ground instead of carrying it. An arm-mounted shotgun will also be taking the place of his melee attacks.

Krieger Alpha

Image via Capcom

Similar to Deadeye Alpha, the Krieger Alpha exosuit drops his minigun for a chargeable shotgun. That’s not to say it’s the same, though; this shotgun can alternate between scatter shots and a more constricted cone of fire.

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Murasame Alpha

Image via Capcom

Murasame Alpha still carries a sword in it Season 1 variant, but this one adds ice/freezing capabilities for its counterattack. This can be used to freeze nearby swarms of raptors or even against a T. Rex.

Skywave Alpha

Image via Capcom

Unlike the normal version, Skywave Alpha summons lightning attacks from above. A special attack also sees her charge up a stronger bolt as well. This exosuit is still listed as a support unit, and the lightning does hamper enemy movement, but it remains to be seen if they’ll also heal allies.

Witchdoctor Alpha

Image via Capcom

You’ll want to try out Witchdoctor Alpha if you weren’t a fan of how close the original needed to be to heal teammates. This variant sports a long-range Duality Beam that can heal teammates and put the hurt on deadly dinos.

Nimbus Alpha

Image via Capcom

Nimbus Alpha still switches between shooting bullets and healing energy, but she now has dual shotguns instead. Her firing speed looks a bit slower, which is likely meant to be balanced by the increased spread of her new guns.

How to Unlock Season 1 Alpha Suit Variants

These new exosuits aren’t available right now, but they’re expected to be added with the first title update on August 16. We don’t know exactly how to unlock them yet, although we can assume they’ll be locked behind the BikCoin currency, just like the three locked exosuits in the base game. If it is the same, they might end up costing 5,000 BikCoins. We’ll update this once we know the details.

Those are all the Alpha Suit Variants in Season 1 of Exoprimal. The dinosaur shooter has more exosuits planned for future seasons too, including some in the Street Fighter 6 collaborating during Season 2 and the Beta variant exosuits in Season 3. If you need some tips to help you prepare for all that future content, check out our growing collection of Exoprimal guides.

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