Exoprimal: How to Farm BikCoin

In need of more Exoprimal currency? Here's how to keep the BikCoin flowing.

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If you want to purchase more modules, rigs, and skins — as well as unlock three more Exosuits — you’ll want to know how to farm BikCoin in Exoprimal. While you’ll get it through natural progression, speeding up the process means you won’t have to wait for things to drop in War Chest, gaining access to them now instead of later. And considering the currency will likely be used for the upcoming Alpha Exosuit variants, too, when Season 1 drops, here’s how to rake in the coin.

How to Farm BikCoin in Exoprimal

The most convenient ways to farm BikCoin are playing the game and leveling up both player experience and individual exosuit experience. The best overall method is by increasing the player level, but that one doesn’t feel quite as relevant until you’re nearing the end of the campaign. Another method, albeit random, is earning them from War Chests.

Playing Dino Survival

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You’ll earn a varied number of BikCoins each time you play through a round of Dino Survival. If you want to farm more consistently, I highly recommend choosing Random for the final round instead of PvP or PvE. Doing so provides a 1.2x boost to the rewards you earn.

Naturally, you’ll also get more rewards for winning a match. If you win a PvE final round, you’ll earn an additional 1.3x bonus, while winning a PvP final round provides a 1.5x bonus. It’s worth mentioning that these stack with the Random option bonus, so you can earn a bit extra for each win. A potential 1.7x bonus isn’t a whole lot more, to be honest, but it adds up with how much you play and also contributes to every other method on here.

This means there’s only more incentive to perform well and end up on top. My simple recommendation is to ensure your team has a great composition and always be willing to switch to a different exosuit if it seems necessary. Keeping an eye on your objectives and playing to them best is also key, especially if your team hasn’t noticed that they only need to kill a specific dinosaur to end a wave. We’ve all been there.

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Best BikCoin Farming Method: Increasing Player Level

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You can also gain more Bikcoins as you level up your character. This is another steady method, as it’s possible to increase your level by one for each match. They’re typically awarded for every three levels. However, this does become the best way to farm BikCoins in the endgame. You’ll receive 30,000 once you’ve reached level 50, and then every subsequent level-up will reward you with 1,000 and a War Chest. It’s incredibly generous, and you’ll be swimming in the currency once you’ve played this much.

Leveling Up Your Exosuits

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BikCoins are also awarded throughout each exosuit’s progression track. Since there are only rewards given for the first 20 levels, I suggest trying out other exosuits so you can progress through their experience track and obtain more credits.

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War Chests

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War Chests are provided for reaching certain levels in your player progression. BikCoins are a part of the random pool of rewards you can unlock, and they come in different varieties, too, meaning you can unlock a common few hundred or thousands if you roll a legendary currency amount.

These also become more relevant later on once you’ve passed level 50 since they’re given out more regularly. You’ll be earning a consistent 1,000 credits by that point, but anything additional you get from the war chests is just the icing on the cake.

That should answer any questions you have about how to farm BikCoin in Exoprimal. Follow the above tips, and you won’t need to worry about having enough again. For more dinosaur-slaying tips and tricks, check out our Exoprimal guides hub.

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