Gaga, ooh-la-la, want your Bad Romans. Here's how to romance companions in Expeditions: Rome.

Expeditions: Rome — How to Romance Companions

Gaga, ooh-la-la, want your Bad Romans. Here's how to romance companions in Expeditions: Rome.

Expeditions: Rome has romance options that are available depending on certain actions and responses throughout the campaign, as well as the gender of your main character. There are even more love connections to be made with various other characters throughout the game.

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Your five companions become integral during your travels. Along with the main character, you’ll have a six-person squad that can face enemies in numerous skirmishes. However, your interactions might lead to something else that’s … something more.

This Expeditions: Rome guide will tell you how to romance your companions and what to keep an eye out for when making dialogue choices.

Expeditions: Rome Romance Options

At a glance, it seems that four of the five companions in Expeditions: Rome can be romanced. But your romance options depend on your main character’s gender, which you choose at the start of the campaign.

  • Julia: Can be romanced by a male character.
  • Bestia: Can be romanced by a female character.
  • Caeso: Can be romanced by both male and female characters.
  • Deianeira: Can be romanced by both male and female characters.
  • Syneros: The trusted advisor immune to your charms.

As far as we can tell, the initial companion romance options in Expeditions: Rome are triggered at certain points in the campaign. When these occur, you should see a dialogue option with a heart icon. Here are two examples:

  • Julia: After clearing the objectives in the Temple of Apollon in Act 1, you’ll be asked to infiltrate Mithradates’ war camp. You and Julia will need to be disguised as Pontic soldiers. You can then reply with: “You, on the other hand, make anything look good.”
  • Caeso: After recruiting Deianeira in the Gladiator School in Act 1, you can talk to Caeso in your legion’s camp. You can reply with: “I hope you’re not thinking of making advances on her. I wouldn’t like to have competition for your attention.”

There are additional flirtatious dialogue options down the line. For instance, there’s a transition point at the end of Act 1 when the army is encamped at the Rubicon. You can tell Julia that she’s welcome to stay in your villa. In Caeso’s case, meanwhile, the opportunity appears in a dialogue after he saves you from a group of thugs in Rome’s alleyways.

However, we’re still uncertain as to whether companion loyalty and approval ratings have anything to do with these triggers, or if the scripts are hardcoded. What we can say is that our companions had a fairly high rating for our main character at those stages in the game (i.e., Loyal/Devoted/Unwavering).

The Hunt Romance Event with Julia

We opted to focus on our character’s romance with Julia Calida. Much later in Act 1, there was a trigger for a random event called “The Hunt.” We chose kind responses, including the following:

  • [Stay back and let Julia take the shot.]
  • “Want me to carry it?”
  • “I missed you all those years since Greece.”
  • “If you give me a chance…”
  • “You’ve been hurt in the past…”
  • [Pull her gently into your tent.]

Certain romance choices will earn slight approval from all companions, while others will receive large approval boosts. Outside of that, completing a companion romance will net you the “Amore Vincit Omnia” achievement.

On a final note, we’ve seen that certain unique NPCs have a romance prompt as well, so keep an eye out for other romance options that aren’t your circle of companions.

And that’s all you need to know about romancing companions in Expeditions: Rome. For more tips and tricks, consider heading over to our guides hub, where we have articles on healing injured characters, resource management, and legion recruitment.

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