Fable Fortune Deck Building Guide: Gravedigger

An army of the undead will be at your command, if you can overcome that sense of self-preservation and focus on killing your own creatures!

An army of the undead will be at your command, if you can overcome that sense of self-preservation and focus on killing your own creatures!
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The classic graveyard-exhuming wizard equivalent to the swamp mage in Magic: The Gathering, the Gravedigger class in Fable Fortune will have you killing your own creatures and bringing them back in bigger and badder forms over the course of the match.

The opposite of the Knight class, your goal here isn’t to keep a bunch of tiny creatures on the board, but rather to have them die so they create more or buff other cards.

Below you can find our full break down of how to effectively use the Gravedigger in PvP matches. Need help with any other part of this CCG? Check out our other Fable Fortune guides:

Neutral/Trophy Card Choices

On the trophy front, the lowly Chicken Vengeant is a frequent choice for any Gravedigger deck, since it makes it easy to trigger the Eulogy effect that requires a card to have died that turn. Throw in the helpfulness of 2 damage for no gold cost on any turn, and Chicken Vengeant ends up being much more useful than you’d expect.

If you need a steady supply of small creatures to die or get in the way, don’t discount Wasp Queen. She gives you another 1/1 Wasp any time she survives damage, even if she initiates that damage by attacking a creature. When coupled with quest rewards like Brandish, you can keep the Queen alive a decent amount of time and keep churning out those Wasps. 

Although they don’t play as well into the Last Laugh and Eulogy mechanics, as with all decks Hobbes and Bandits can make for some well-rounded combos that are helpful in nearly any situation, especially if you are going for aggro direct damage.

 This little clucker is surprisingly effective in the right circumstances

Gravedigger Class Cards

The heart of nearly any Gravedigger deck should be a horde of undead minions that are more useful when they die. Reanimate can be used on your cards that are due to die at the end of the turn so you still get them back even if you normally wouldn’t.

Hunger For Knowledge requires you to destroy one of your own cards, and who wants to do that? A Gravedigger, that’s who. Get rid of one of your army of 1/1 Wasps, Shamblers, or Crumbling Corpses to grab yourself two extra cards for extra utility and more tactical options.

Couple all this with Morbid Arcanist, a card that costs a whopping 10 gold… except that it drops its price by 1 gold for every friendly card that dies, eventually costing nothing.

To offer further death options and make creatures cheaper to put back out, don’t forget Reassemble The Bones, which kills one of your creatures, but puts it back in your hand at a 2 gold cost reduction.

Board clearing option Stench Of Death isn’t as powerful as some of the other classes board wipe cards, but it has the bonus of getting rid of all your own little undead, allowing Eulogy to take effect and frequently triggering a cascading wave of reanimation.

If you can combo Stench Of Death with Wake The Dead, you can easily take total board control and completely mess up the enemy’s rhythm.

 Sometimes clearing the whole board works in your favor

Gravedigger Class Ability

The Gravedigger’s base 2-gold cost ability is Exhume, which summons a 1/1 Crumbling Corpse with Rush that dies at the end of the turn. While that’s useful for pinging the opponent or weakening a Guard creature, the real appeal here is using the creature as a suicide attack to trigger Eulogy, or to return the Corpse to play with various reanimation abilities.

With a Gravedigger deck it is extremely easy to hit Quest goals quickly, getting to max morality in just a handful of turns by either choosing to cast spells or use Last Laugh abilities.

Going Evil ups the power to a 2/1 Raging Corpse with Rush that dies at the end of the turn, while Good gives you a permanent 1/1 Shambler and a 1/1 Crumbling Corpse with Rush that dies at the end of the turn.

 Exhume, Enslave, and Resurrect Abilities

Sample Gravedigger Deck

Below we’ve assembled a baseline Gravedigger deck that revolves around killing your own creatures, but there plenty of ways to modify this and go in different directions.

If you want to shift the focus away from Last Laugh effects towards a more aggressive deck, swap out Acolyte Of The Skorm, Reanimate, and Undead Footman with Hobbe Warlock, Tattooist, and Royal Officer.

  • Necrotic Enforcer X 2
  • Reassemble The Bones X 2
  • Cemetery Bannerman X 2 
  • Hunger For Knowledge X 2
  • Necroblast X 2
  • Acolyte Of The Skorm
  • Depraved Cultist
  • Reanimate
  • Undead Footman X 2
  • Stench Of Death X 2
  • Corrupted Spellblade
  • Spitecaster X 2
  • Damned Legion X 2
  • Wake The Dead
  • Cursed Warrior X 2
  • Nostro
  • Frightblade Stalker X 2
  • Rotlung Slaver
  • Morbid Arcanist

What did you think of our sample deck, and what Gravedigger strategies have you found to work best while battling other players? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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