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Fae Farm Deep Sea Fishing Guide

If you are looking for a deep sea fishing guide in Fae Farm, you came to the right place. Let's discuss some tips and tricks.

Once you receive your first fishing rod from Eddy in Fae Farm, you’ll progress to track down various types of fish some of which are deep sea ones. Through this deep sea fishing guide in Fae Farm, you’ll learn where to find deep sea fish and some tips on catching them effectively.

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Deep Sea Fishing Guide in Fae Farm

Out of the seven fish types in Fae Farm, deep sea fish are some of the harder ones to find. Not only is finding and catching some of them more difficult than other fish, but you’ll have to progress your story to a point where you can venture out to the deep sea.

How to Get Started with Deep Sea Fishing

The best place to start looking for deep sea fish is near the Saltwater Mines. Some can be found near the broken bridge but it all ultimately depends on the season and the weather. In some cases, you’ll need to get your fairy wings first. I finally got mine in Chapter Four, so push through the story until that point. After getting your wings, you can go towards an island/deep sea to work on your fishing quests.

Catching deep sea fish is more challenging than the early-game ones, and as such you can’t do it until you have the Master Rod. The upgrade trajectory for fishing rods is as follows:

  • Sturdy Rod: Fishing level three rod for 1000 Florins.
  • Advanced Rod: Fishing level five rod for 2500 Florins.
  • Master Rod: Fishing level seven rod for 5000 Florins.

These are worthwhile investments in your fishing career that will require some progression. Earning fishing level experience is as simple as catching fish, lots of fish. Some recipes, like Fish Curry, can also boost your fishing skills like increasing your Reeling Power and Sly Angler for a limited time. This will give you that extra edge when tackling deep sea fishing and make the endeavor easier.

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Types of Deep Sea Fish in Fae Farm

There are a total of seven unique deep sea fish species to catch. Weather conditions and the current season will affect whether they appear or not. Here are all of them:

  • Tuna: A common species appearing during Spring and any weather conditions.
  • Albacore: A Summer species appearing during all conditions.
  • Lingcod: Autumn fish that also appear during all weather types.
  • Anglerfish: Another species that likes all weather and appears during Winter.
  • Halibut: A rare fish type that appears during all seasons and any weather conditions.
  • Yellowfin: Another rare fish that enjoys all seasons but appears only during Sunny or Cloudy weather.
  • Sea Bass: You can find this Stormy weather rare fish during all seasons.

Note that the last three rare fish types will have a colorful visual effect. This helps differentiate them from the rest.

We hope this deep sea fishing guide for Fae Farm has helped you in some way. If you have any friends who are also wondering about deep sea fish, send them this article. For more Fae Farm guides, check out our walkthrough hub for the game.

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