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Fae Farm: How to Farm

Here's how to farm, fertilize, and buy seeds in Fae Farm.

Fae Farm is a farming RPG, so you’ll want to know the fundamentals of your new agricultural lifestyle to progress in the game. Farming can feel complicated, especially if you’re new to the genre. From the different types of beds you’ll use to how to use fertilizer, you’ll find all you need to know about how to farm in Fae Farm in our guide. Here’s having a magical time cultivating and harvesting in Azoria!

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How to Farm in Fae Farm

There are some key components to get a farm going, and you’ll want to know the step-by-step process to cultivate crops and make recipes or Gold Florins. You’ll unlock the ability to farm and all of the tools after the initial tutorial quests with Merritt. You can grow vegetables, fruit, and flowers on your Homestead, but each crop has its own requirements. Unlike other farming sims, you’ll craft soil beds rather than tilling soil. Here are the basic steps to farm in Fae Farm.

  • Craft required Soil Bed.
  • Place Soil Beds on Homestead property.
  • Plant crop by approaching the soil bed and using your action key.
  • Water the crop daily until it’s ready to harvest.
  • Optional: Fertilize crops for various effects.

Soil Beds Detailed

There are two Soil Beds you’ll need to craft — Farm Crop Soil Beds and Flower Soil Beds. Initially, you’ll want to craft the Basic Soil Bed and the Flower Soil Bed, and you’ll unlock more variants as you play the game. Here are the ingredients for each recipe.

  • Basic Soil Bed
    • Silt x1
      • Dug up on Homestead dirt mounds.
    • Sand x1
      • Dug up on Beach dirt mounds.
    • Beech Log x1
      • Chopped small trees on Homestead.
  • Flower Soil Bed
    • Silt x1
      • Dug up on Homestead dirt mounds.
    • Mulch x1
      • Dug up on upper Northeast Homestead dirt mounds.
    • Oak Log x1
      • Chopped large trees on Homestead.

How to Get Seeds in Fae Farm

Once you’ve got your soil beds crafted, you’re ready to purchase seeds and plant them. You can get seeds from two NPCs that are found in the Town Center — Willow and Holly. Willow sells Tree Saplings, and Holly sells crops and Fertilizers. Here are the specific seeds they sell.

  • Willow
    • Peach Sapling
    • Pear Sapling
    • Apple Sapling
    • Plum Sapling
    • Beech Sapling
    • Oak Sapling
  • Holly
    • Turnip Seeds
    • Cauliflower Seeds
    • Bean Seeds
    • Potato Seeds
    • Corn Seeds
    • Pepper Seeds
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How to Get Fertilizer in Fae Farm

While the available seeds may seem like slim pickings, you can actually alter the seeds by using fertilizer. I managed to turn my Beans into Sugar Peas by using a Magic Fertilizer, so it’s definitely fun to experiment with. You can purchase fertilizers from Holly or craft your own at a Garden Bench. Here’s the recipe, cost, and abilities for each fertilizer.

  • Zippy Fertilizer
    • Ability: Immediately advances a crop’s growth by 1 day, then has a chance each night to advance again.
    • Cost: 35 Florins
    • Recipe: Mulch x1, Bug Juice x1, Sand Dollar x1
  • Bounteous Fertilizer
    • Ability: Gives a chance every night to increase crop yields.
    • Cost: 35 Florins
    • Recipe: Mulch x1, Flutter Dust x1, Coral x1
  • Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer
    • Ability: Gives the chance to transform a crop into a seasonal or fae variety.
    • Cost: 50 Florins
    • Recipe: Mulch x1, Frog Sweat x1, Ammonite x1

How to Use Fertilizer in Fae Farm

Once you’ve got fertilizer, you’re ready to apply it to the crop of your choice. However, fertilizing is a little confusing because there are no in-game instructions. But once you’ve got it down, it’s easy peasy. Notably, you can only fertilize crops in soil beds, so you cant fertilize tree saplings. Here’s how to use fertilizers on your farm.

  • Water the crop of your choice .
  • Use your action key to apply fertilizer to the plant.

Well, that’s all there is to know about how to farm in Fae Farm. We’ll keep this guide updated with any potential updated information. Check out our growing Fae Farm guides hub for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs.

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