Fae Farm: How to Upgrade Staff

Here's how to get new spells for your staff in Fae Farm.

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Fae Farm takes place in the magical world of Azoria. You’ll quickly discover the world is crawling with enchanted creatures named Jumbles, and you’ll need the help of a magic Staff to defeat them. However, upgrading your staff and learning new spells will remain mysterious. In this guide we’ll go over how to upgrade your Staff in Fae Farm.

How to Upgrade Staff in Fae Farm

You receive your Staff early on in Fae Farm, and it’s initially a simple Staff incapable of magic. As you progress in the game, you’re able to upgrade your Staff to wield magical abilities that’ll enhance your overall experience in the game. Here’s how to upgrade your staff in Fae Farm.

  • Progress in the main questline
    • As you play Fae Farm, you’ll notice there are tons of quests to pick up and complete. However, if you want to upgrade your Staff, you should focus on the main story questline. The main story quest will bring you to new places, and introduce you to new staff abilities, so I highly recommend it.
  • Complete mining dungeons
    • At the beginning of your adventures in Azoria, you’ll discover the Saltwater Mines. This is the first dungeon of the game, and you’ll need to complete it and two others to fully upgrade your staff. So, while grinding your way through the dungeon can feel tedious at times, I can attest it’s worth it.
  • Assist the Sprites
    • You’ll meet your first Sprite at the end of the Saltwater Mines, and you’ll discover three more throughout your time playing. Each sprite has its own unique questline that’ll alter the appearance of Azoria, and sometimes, you’ll receive a Staff upgrade in return.

Once you receive a new Staff spell, it’ll automatically appear in your Staff spell wheel. You can equip and use each ability freely, at the cost of mana. Mana depletes rather quickly in Fae Farm, so you’ll want to keep some mana potions on hand. You can purchase potions from Vera in Eats Town Azoria, and eventually, you’ll unlock the ability to craft them.

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Well, that’s all there is to know about upgrading your staff in Fae Farm. Check out our growing Fae Farm guides hub for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs.

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