Fallout 76: How to Find and Kill Trogs

Mutated humans known as Trogs can be brutal opponents in Fallout 76.

Trog with green vapor trail at the Penn near a red container.
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First introduced in Fallout 3, humans mutated by the Troglodyte Degeneration Contagion have found their way to Appalachia. They can be tough to beat, and you’ll need to do so with a melee weapon for a trophy. Here’s how to find and kill Trogs in Fallout 76.

Where to Find Trogs in FO76

Best Option: Farm From Ashes to Fire

You can only encounter Trogs while out on an Expedition. To farm them, select From Ashes to Fire. The creatures are found in the Trench and Sanctum, with a chance for Glowing Trogs to spawn during the final stage of the mission. Since they aren’t locked to a certain quest stage, it’s easier to reach kill goals than picking Union Dues.

Decent Option: Farm Union Dues

You can also head to The Pitt during the Union Dues mission. When you spawn into the Pitt for Union Dues, Trogs only appear during the final stage of the Expedition. Once you sabotage the Foundry, Hex will radio to return to the Penn, and that the creatures have returned.

You’ll need to kill waves of them to clear the area and be able to return home successfully. With a full team of four, you may only kill a handful of the mutated beings, so this option is best for small kill goals or when you need to collect a low number of resources from them.

Map with Expeditions menu open
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How to Kill Trogs

There are a few variations of Trogs that you can battle in Fo76.

  • Trog.
  • Trog Devourer.
  • Trog Fledgling.
  • Trog Striker.
    • A special version spawns if you find all four strikers’ logs during the same Union Dues expedition.
  • Trog Superior.
  • Glowing Trog.
    • Encountered during the final stage of From Ashes to Fire during the Radstorm.

Trogs can hit you with melee attacks up close and spit acid as a ranged attack. You’ll want to keep your health up, as their bile can chip away at it quickly. They often swarm in groups with a few stronger variants mixed with fledglings in an effort to overpower their targets.

Most of them are easy to take down utilizing Radiation weapons or flamethrowers, while regular ballistics seem to take a bit longer to bite through their defenses. If you take out 100 Trogs with the Auto Axe you’ll earn yourself the Troglodiced trophy.

That’s how to find Trogs and kill them in Fallout 76. For more about Expeditions, other repeatable quests, or locating various enemies, drop into our guides pit.

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