Fallout 76: Out of the Blue Quest Guide

Out of the Blue has you finding missing people in the wasteland of Fallout 76. We go into what you need to do, including the codes you need, in this guide.

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Out of the Blue is one of the story quests included in Steel Reign, the expansion focusing on the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 76. Tasked with finding multiple missing people, you go undercover to investigate the Blue Ridge Caravan company. A bit long of a quest, there are many different tasks you have to through to complete it. Here’s our walkthrough for Out of the Blue in FO76, including the codes you need.

Out of the Blue Quest Guide for Fallout 76

To begin, you want to chat with Paladin Rahmani at Fort Atlas. She’s heard that people have been disappearing from expeditions with the Blue Ridge Caravan Company. You need to head to Big Bend Tunnel West, and maintain your cover while at the bar there. You’ll get to meet the leader of Blue Ridge, Joanna Mayfield, afterwards. She lets you know she knows exactly who you are. There’s a bit of dialogue back and forth until Aries arrives, who will lead you through the next part of the quest.

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From here you need to head to Harpers Ferry Tunnel, north of Blue Ridge Caravan Company, and just east of Harpers Ferry. That’s the most recent location that someone has gone missing from. There are a lot of ghouls in the tunnel, so you want to have your armor repaired, be stocked up on ammo, and have Rad-X and Rad Away handy.

As you make your way into the tunnel, you’ll have to access the hidden area that’s revealed by interacting with the calendar. The next room reveals passageways blocked with strangler vines, and Aries waiting at a closed door. This door can’t be opened any longer due to a fake gas leak alarm that was set, and to reset it you need to get past the vines.

Out of the Blue Codes

To do this, you have to employ a gas that can kill the plant, but it’s locked in a lab. There’s an intricate lock to the left of the door, along with a note that gives you a hint about the codes. The words highlighted are Open Sesame Seed. Taking this phrase to the chart on the blackboard, you can figure out what the words correspond to numerically.

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To make it easy: there are three words, each word gives you the number code for the lock. The letters are their numerical position of the alphabet when counted backwards. Here are the codes you need for Open the Blue:

  • Lock 1: 12-11-22-13
  • Lock 2: 8-22-8-26-14-22
  • Lock 3: 8-22-22-23

Hit the red button the right to have the code run through the system and unlock the door. Inside, Paladin Rahmani will inspect the chemical and discover it’s meant to be dispersed through the water. The next stage is locating this water source and loading in the herbicide. When you do, four waves of feral ghouls will attack. Survive them and you’ll see that the strangler vines have receded.

You can now return to Aries, who notes that a hostile robot is preventing the security lockdown from ending. As you make your way to the pump room, where the override computer is, you’ll start hearing strange bleeping noises. You get attacked at this point by an Sheepsquatch Imposterling, similar to the robotic Sheepsquatch you can encounter in the Encryptid event.

Once you defeat it, return to Aries for the main door to be unlocked. Proceed to the camp and search for evidence of the travelers. Collect three letters scattered around the area before speaking with the Paladin. The letters solidify her opinion that the Hellcat Mercenaries are responsible for kidnapping people, along with a man named Blackburn. Return to Fort Atlas to complete Out of the Blue.

That’s how to finish Out of the Blue, a Brotherhood of Steel storyline quest in Fallout 76. For more quest walkthroughs, take a gander at our vault of guides.

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