Fallout 76: Where to Find Wolves

If you need wolf meat, this is where to hunt wolves in Fallout 76.

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Whether you’re hankering for some ribs, need to complete a quest, or have to hunt a wolf for dailies, there are various areas in Appalachia the canines can be found. This is where to find wolves in Fallout 76.

All Wolf Locations in Fallout 76

While wolves can spawn randomly in packs consisting of three to five members throughout the wasteland, there are a few specific places they always show up:

  • Autumn Acre Cabin
  • Investigator’s Cabin
  • Widow’s Perch
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Along with the set locations, a handful of events can have wolf enemies. Leader of the Pack is the best one to participate in if you need to kill large amounts of wolves, with the various packs led by a legendary wolf pack leader.

  • Campfire Tales
  • Death Blossom
  • Leader of the Pack
  • Project Paradise
  • Tea Time
  • Fasnacht Day (limited time, seasonal)
  • Primal Cuts in the Forest (limited time, seasonal)

A solitary wolf can appear as a random event in Appalachia. This is the only time you can tame it. If successful it’ll be sent to your C.A.M.P. to aid in your defenses.

How to Kill a Wolf in Fallout 76

Taking out a wolf on its own isn’t too difficult. The danger comes from the pack, with multiple aggressive enemies attacking at once from all sides. They’re quick, but if you can take them out with a ranged shot, combat will be easier. I’ve found that wolves, regardless of variation, aren’t resistant to any particular form of damage and it has zero defense against poison.

When killed, all versions of wolf drop Raw Wolf Meat. You can use Raw Wolf Meat to make Wolf Ribs and Chitlins Con Carne. You can potentially find random loot, such as junk or ammo. If it’s a Prime Wolf slain during Primal Cuts, it’ll drop Prime Meat.

Those are all the locations, as well as events, where you can find a wolf at in Fallout 76. For cooking recipes, where to find resources like Loose Screws, or quest walkthroughs, head over to our guide vault.

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