Here's how to get the fishing rod in Far Cry 6's Fuel the Revolution mission.

Far Cry 6 Fishing Rod Guide: How to Get the Fishing Rod

Here's how to get the fishing rod in Far Cry 6's Fuel the Revolution mission.
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Wondering how to get the fishing rod in Far Cry 6? Yara and Isla Santuario are dotted with fishing spots, but it’s easy to overlook how to get started if you’re caught up in raiding military outposts and pushing out the FND. But fishing is more than a pastime since it can get you some worthwhile crafting materials.

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You’ll need to do a bit of questing before you get the fishing rod, but luckily, it’s not too much. Here’s how to get the fishing rod.

Where to Find the Fishing Rod in Far Cry 6

One of the missions during the Far Cry 6 tutorial on the small island is Fueling the Revolution. You need to secure fuel supplies for Libertad, and that also involves taking out Rosario, one of the minor leaders in Castillo’s army. Completing this task earns you the fishing rod.

Unlike some other missions with special targets, it’s impossible to miss Rosario. Killing her is actually one of the objectives, though it does serve as a tutorial for recognizing these special targets in future raids.

If you use Dani’s phone, which you should, you’ll see these enemies are named. If that weren’t enough, they also have a yellow tag above them, making it easy to distinguish them from the unnamed grunts.

Rosario is always surrounded by at least two guards, and the compound is full of soldiers. This isn’t an encounter you can breeze through, so make careful use of stealth to lure your targets away and get Rosario by herself. Or you can steal the tank from the nearby objective location and just destroy everything.

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