Far Cry 6: Where to Use Chorizo's Mysterious Key

Wondering where to use Chorizo's mysterious key in Far Cry 6? Here's where to go and what you'll get in return.

Far Cry 6 is full of secrets, and one of the earliest involves Chorizo's mysterious key. You'll pick up the mysterious key once you recruit the little wiener dog as one of your companion amigos in Madrugada. Complete both of their quests — Who's a Good Boy and Fetch Quest — and the mysterious key is one of your rewards. But where do you use it and what do you get? 

If you go into your inventory menu and scroll down to "logistics," you'll see the mysterious key. Its description mentions something called Guau-Guau, which is an island in the middle of Isla Santuario. You may have already come across it before grabbing the mysterious key if you did any exploration during the first several tutorial missions, such as Juan of a Kind or Du or Die.

Guau-Guau island map location.

The Mysterious Key cache on Guau-Guau.

Either way, Guau-Guau can be found in Casas Cove, east of Armonia. Unless you have a helicopter or plane, or you air drop into Armonia, you'll need to swim to the island. There isn't a boat around, so be wary of sharks as you make your way to the small island with the mysterious key. 

Once you get ashore, go to the south-eastern portion of Guau-Guau. There, you'll find a blue lean-to and some people fishing. At the edge of the water across from the lean-to, just under a palm tree, you'll see a chest. Inside is a bit of Yaran contraband. 

Use the mysterious key to open the chest and get the 2-Star unique rifle, F%!$ Anton

Considering the rifle, despite its name, is one of the more middling 2-Star unique rifles in the game, you'd do well to grab this one early on in Far Cry 6. It comes with poison rounds, an ok muzzle break, and the Trigger Discipline and Nimble Shooter mods, which improve aimed weapon damage and movement speed while aiming.

As the gun's description says, this unique rifle is an all-rounder, but you'll soon find better options, even within the same weapons class. 

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And that's all you need to know about where to use Chorizo's mysterious key in Far Cry 6. Grab it early since it's quickly outclassed by other resolver weapons and unique weapons. For more on Ubisoft's latest open-world shooter, consider checking the links above or heading over to our dedicated tips and tricks hub.

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Published Oct. 20th 2021

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