Far Harbor Islanders Almanac magazine locations

Five secret magazines are hidden across the island, and they all offer nifty new perks to power up your post-apocalyptic hero!

Five secret magazines are hidden across the island, and they all offer nifty new perks to power up your post-apocalyptic hero!

It wouldn’t be a proper Fallout expansion without more options for your character, and Far Harbor definitely isn’t lacking in them. Armor, clothing, crafting recipes, weapons, and even perks are all waiting to be discovered across the fog-shrouded island.

With a whole new landmass to explore comes some extra collectibles items to find as well, including a quintuple of hidden magazines. No, not the dirty kind, or even the typical issues of Grognak The Barbarian or Tumblers Today either.

Instead, the massive Far Harbor DLC features five issues of a new publication called ‘Islanders Almanac’ scattered across the area that all provide different benefits. Nabbing all five not only takes you across most of the island and reveals a ton of locations, but also unlocks a secret achievement.

If you haven’t started the Far Harbor story line yet, be sure to check out our guide on getting started with the DLC right here before kicking off your search for the Islanders Almanac issues.

Far Harbor Sightseers Guide

Location: Far Harbor

This first magazine is found quite early into the main quest line. After getting the search job from Kenji Nakano, traveling to the island, and then defending the wall against the Gulpers, you will finally be able to explore the actual town of Far Harbor.

Take a right after going up the docks and enter the bar called The Last Plank. The Far Harbor Sightseers Guide is on the table at the end of the room right next to where Old Longfellow is sitting.

Far Harbor’s Sightseers Guide

Magazine Bonus: Picking up this issue marks several points of interest across the island map where you can find side quests or interesting locations to explore. It’s actually very handy if you want to know where to head first without just aimlessly wandering or going straight to the next main story quest.

Children Of Atom Expose

Location: Acadia Observatory

After talking to Old Longfellow, he will lead you directly to Acadia where all the rogue synths are hiding out. Head inside the blue door right up the flight of stairs, then take an immediate right and go down the stairs to the next floor below.

The issue will either be sitting on the rounded counter, or behind it in the little cubby. (It sometimes get knocked over as people walk by.)

Children Of Atom Expose

Magazine Bonus: This one gives a very nifty upgrade – you take 10% less damage from any radiation-based sourced.

Recipes Roundup

Location: National Park Visitor’s Center

Located to the northwest of the Cliff’s Edge Hotel, head inside the main Visitor’s Center building and take a right to see a desk. The issue is sitting right there on the edge next to the cash register.

Recipes Roundup

Magazine Bonus: Reading this issue puts several new chemistry recipes in your repertoire to brew up at any of the chem crafting stations around the island. Want an easy trophy? Cook any of the recipes found in the book to unlock the Just Add Saltwater achievement.

National Park Visitor Center’s Location

Pincer Dodge

Location: Northwood Ridge Quarry

This area is to the far southwest of the island, slightly to the north of the Brooke’s Head Lighthouse (the Lighthouse location will be revealed by the first issue of Islanders Almanac).

 Northwood Ridge Quarry Location

Getting to the actual issue will require quite a bit of fighting through insane trappers all the way to the back to a bedroom. The magazine is sitting on a desk right next to the bed.

Magazine Bonus: After reading this issue, Mirelurks will deal 5% less damage to you with all melee attacks.

Pincer Dodge Issue

Precision Hunting

Location: Brooke’s Head Lightouse

Further south is the Brooke’s Head Lighthouse, which is again filled to the brim with trapper enemies. Take ’em all out and make your way to the round room at the very top of the lighthouse. The magazine is sitting on a table near a vase of flowers and right next to a broken segment of wall looking down on the surrounding area.

Magazine Bonus: Your accuracy against animal enemies will increase by 5% when using VATS to aim. When you pick up the fifth issue, you will also immediately unlock a new achievement simply titled The Islander’s Almanac.

Precision Hunting

That’s all five issues to be found across Far Harbor’s landscape! Be sure to let us know if you’ve discovered any other secret goodies while exploring this stellar new DLC.

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