Farming Simulator 22: How to Get Water

Learn how to supply your farm with essential water in Farming Simulator 22!

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Unsurprisingly, water is an important resource for your farm’s plants and animals. Maybe you need to transport it to your greenhouse as well. Considering how much water you need, you’ll need the right equipment to make the process easier. Here’s how to get water in Farming Simulator 22.

How to Get Water in Farming Simulator 22

Before you can get and transport water, you need the equipment capable of gathering, holding, and moving it to where it needs to go.

Buy or Lease a Water Tank

First, you need a Water Tank. It’s easy to mistake the tanks meant for carrying fuel as water ones. Since having water is crucial for taking care of your animals, you’ll actually find Water Tanks in the animal menu. 

To buy Water Tanks, head to the Game Store Menu > Tools (or Packs) > Animals. The smallest tank can only carry water, but bigger ones can carry other liquids like milk, too.

Hook Up and Fill the Tank

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After getting a Water Tank, hook it up to your tractor. Next, head to a water source like a pond or lake and back the tank towards it. Another option is building your own water tank on your farm where you can fill the portable tank.

You’ll get a button prompt to fill the tank when you’re close enough to the water. The bigger the tank, the longer it takes to fill. Also, the tank gets heavier as it fills, so be careful about parking on slopes. Then, take the tank to where you need water.

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And that’s how to get water in Farming Simulator 22. If you can afford building a water tank on your property, you gain the advantage of not needing to travel as far for water. But you don’t need the added convenience and maybe you want a reason for a nice drive to the lake. For more tips, check our FS22 guide hub to find topics like how to buy land and how to harvest corn.

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