FFXIV: Advanced Crafting and Gathering Tips

Some tips and tricks for leveling crafting and gathering classes.

Some tips and tricks for leveling crafting and gathering classes.

After plunging into Final Fantasy XIV’s crafting system head first, I felt it was time to do another guide. With crafting and gathering, you generally won’t do one without the other. There isn’t an easy way to make gil in the game, so you have to go out and get a lot of the items yourself. The trick to leveling gathering and crafting together is knowing what you are going to need. Knowing what to craft to make your leveling faster is a huge advantage. In my case I went with Botany and Carpenter, so all the examples will be from those.


Knowing that I was going to be a Carpenter for the crafting class, I knew I would need Botany to gather my materials. So, I went around gathering the logs from every node. My most recent trip I gathered over 490 Elm logs. For those flipping Botany progress back into Carpenter, logs are your target item, whether you are burning through the levels or just doing a few here and there.

Levels 5, 10, and 15 nodes for logs are located in Central Shroud and Northern Shroud. There are a few locations so just wander around with Triangulate up and look for them. When you find a node you have to discover the item by gathering it once successfully, then you can start farming it. That’s basically it for gathering – Fishing is weird so I’ll make a separate guide for that in the future.


Crafting seems more complicated than it really is. For the most part, every craft has base material synths, which can be used to speed level the craft level. Like the logs from Botany being used for Carpentry. Three of the same log are used to make a lumber of that wood type.

You can skip all the other items on your crafting log and focus solely on these base material crafts. Firstly, it’s less clutter in your bag than crafting log spamming creates, which is nice since you can burn through some bag space like crazy. The second reason for this method is not needing to spend the gil to level up, Final Fantasy XI was bad when it came to this part.

I hope this guide was of some use regarding crafting and gathering. If you have any comments, concerns, or questions, leave them in the comments section below. Please share this with friends so that they can utilize the tips I’ve given. For more guides please check my all encompassing list of guides.

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