FFXIV Amdapor Keep Guide – Part 2 – Demon Wall

Part two of my Amdapor Keep guide focusing on Demon Wall.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Time for part two of my Amdapor Keep guide for Final Fantasy XIV. This guide will cover Demon Wall, the most annoying boss of the dungeon. Demon Wall is a true DPS race, if you’re running with a group of fresh 50s without the high-end gear, odds are you won’t clear this fight. The good news is there is really only one phase to this fight, and it’s straight burn. Things to take into consideration for this fight:

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  • Dragoons and Monks can get their flanking bonuses but not their rear bonuses.
  • Avoid getting hit by lane AoE which add debuffs.
  • You can position yourself right inside the line for quick adjustments until Repel.
  • Adds must die fast.
Fight Mechanics

The Demon Wall will start on the far side of the room. At the entrance there will be a pool of purplish stuff that you do not want to be in as you will take damage while you are in it. Furthermore as the fight progresses, Demon Wall will slowly move forward to the damage pool. So once you start there is no holding back until it’s dead.

After engaging Demon Wall, it will start a field long AoE attack pattern. The first will cover the middle lane, then it will cover the two outer lanes. It will be an in-out in-out Repel rotation. Repel is a knock back move, if you are not centered in front of the boss for this move you will be knocked off the edge. At that point the fight is a failure.

Here is a middle lane AoE, or an “in” for quick reference.

Demon Wall will do two rotations of this attack pattern and then summon two bee adds. The best method for this is to melee Limit Break one bee and then burn the other. Make sure to continue avoiding the lane AoE attacks. Once the bees die it’s back on Demon Wall for the remainder of the fight. If all goes well you’ll kill it before it forces you to stand in the damage pool at the entrance. Other than that, there’s nothing to it.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments leave them in the comment section below. Also please share this out so that people will have a better understanding of this fight before entering Amdapor Keep. Find my guide for Psychflayer, the first boss, here. For more guides please check my all encompassing list of guides.

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