FFXIV Hatching-tide 2023 Guide: How to Get the Frighten Emote

A guide to FFXIV's Hatching-tide event for 2023, and how to get the Tonberry Glam and Frighten Emote from it.

A guide to FFXIV's Hatching-tide event for 2023, and how to get the Tonberry Glam and Frighten Emote from it.
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Hatching-tide 2023 is now live in Final Fantasy XIV, running until April 10 at 7:59 a.m. PST. The rewards this year include the Frighten Emote and a Tonberry glamour complete with a lantern as part of the robe. Other items available during this event are the Hippity-hoppity Hatching-tide Advertisement and the Pa-Paya Demastered Orchestrion Roll.

Where to Start Hatching-tide 2023 in FFXIV

As with most seasonal quests, you need to be level 15 before you can accept the quest “Get Along and Play Knife” from Jihli Aliapoh.

If you’re level 15 or higher, you’ll be able to find Jihli in New Gridania near the Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre aetheryte at (X: 10.2, Y: 9.4).

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How to do “Get Along and Play Knife”

Jihli needs your help as Sylphs are causing mischief and disrupting the Hatching-tide decorators. However, the Sylphs are frightened at the sight of those dressed as Tonberries. After accepting the quest, speak to Hamlyn for a Tonberry disguise that will last for a half hour.

Now, you’ll travel to the red areas marked on your map to find Sylphs. They have an icon over their head to speak with them, and a dialogue prompt will pop up. Pick either option to frighten the Sylph away. You must be in the Tonberry disguise for each conversation with the Sylphs.

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After frightening three Sylphs, return to Hamlyn who is standing beside Jihli to turn in the quest. But it seems that the Sylphs’ mischief is not over. Now, they’re targeting the Archon eggs, keeping them from being delivered. Your next quest is “Chaos, Carnage, Eggs,” and it takes place in the Central Shroud.

For this quest, you need to complete the FATE “Don’t be Sylphish.” When you join the FATE, you’ll be turned into a Tonberry again and have only the ability to frighten Sylphs. The goal of the FATE is to collect the colorful Archon eggs from the ground and give them to Hamlyn who is standing nearby.

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After you participate in the FATE and complete it successfully, head back to Gridania and turn in the quest to Jihli.

How to Get the Frighten Emote and Tonberry Glam

The Frighten Emote is fairly simple to get as you’ll receive it as a reward for turning in “Chaos, Carnage, Eggs.”

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The Tonberry Glam and other seasonal items can be purchased from Dreamer, an NPC dressed as a Tonberry standing in the Amphitheatre. You can trade Special Midnight Archon Eggs for seasonal items. The Tonberry Glam will cost you a total of 10 Eggs.

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You can earn Special Midnight Archon Eggs by repeating the FATE “Don’t be Sylphish.” The FATE will spawn roughly every 10 minutes.

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