FFXIV: How to get the Splendorous Tools

As the Crafter and Gatherer equivalent of Relic Weapons, knowing how to get the Splendorous Tools can improve your crafting (or gathering) in Final Fantasy XIV.

Special weapons aren’t limited to fighters in Final Fantasy XIV, and the latest equivalents for Crafters and Gatherers are the Splendorous Tools. This guide goes through how to get the Splendorous Tools and how to upgrade them.

How to Get the Splendorous Tools in Final Fantasy XIV

Earning the Splendorous Tools begins with a trip to the Crystarium where you’ll see an NPC named Chora-Zoi with a quest titled “An Original Improvement.”

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However, you’ll have to meet a few prerequisites before you’re able to pick up this quest. Those requirements are:

  • Have a Disciple of the Land/Hand job at level 90
  • Complete “The Crystalline Mean”
  • Complete “The Boutique Always Wins”

Once you grab “An Original Improvement,” you’ll travel to The Crystalline Means and complete small sections of the quest that include simply speaking with NPCs and viewing cutscenes. At the end, you’ll receive a Splendorous Coffer that rewards you with your first tool for free.

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You can then speak with Quinnana to purchase the Splendorous Tools for other jobs for the price of 1500 White Crafter’s/Gatherer’s Scrips.

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How to Upgrade Splendorous Tools in Final Fantasy XIV

You’ll also notice that Chora-Zoi has a new quest available called “A Dedicated Tool.” This quest will upgrade the Splendorous Tool for the job you use to begin it, and you’re going to need a fair amount of White Scrips to complete it.

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“A Dedicated Tool” requires you to give Chora-Zoi 60 Splendorous Components for Crafters, gather 180 materials for Miner and Botanist, or 120 fish. For Crafters, the recipes to create those Components can be found in your log under Special Recipes, then Side Quests.

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Crafter recipes require materials that you can only purchase from Quinnana for 50 White Scrips each. Then, like Collectables, you need to craft items with a specific quality rating to trade for Components from Quinnana.

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Once you complete “A Dedicated Tool,” you’ll be able to upgrade your tool again with “An Adaptive Tool.” This is a repeat of the previous quest, but you’ll need to turn in more Components this time to complete it.

Final Fantasy XIV is continually adding more content, and we’re working to help players by keeping up with new additions to our FFXIV guide list, which includes how to unlock Loporrits Beast Tribe or how to beat Rubicante in the latest section of the main scenario quests.

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Published Mar. 10th 2023

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