Everything you need to know to clear Neverreap with ease.

FFXIV Heavensward: Neverreap Dungeon Guide

Everything you need to know to clear Neverreap with ease.

This is the second level 60 dungeon players unlock. To unlock this dungeon players need to be able to fly in the Sea of Clouds zone. There are some unique mechanics in this dungeon that make it fun. In this guide I’ll cover how to defeat each of the bosses with ease.

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This is the first boss of Neverreap. It’s not a difficult fight, but it does have a very unique mechanic.

  • Filoplumes: A frontal cleave attack.
  • Feather Squall: A ground targeted multi-circle AoE.
  • Conceal Mechanic: At various stages in the fight, Nunyenunc conceals its self and spawns a shadow version hidden in the mist. To clear the mist you need to kill the shadow version. However, you can’t see the shadow version unless you are within a certain distance of it. Run around until someone in your party finds the shadow and then converge on that spot.
  • Nunyenunc’s Feather: These are similar to the feathers in the Garuda battle. Just kill them, but prioritize the shadow version of Nunyenunc first. Be warned though, Feathers add a stacking Vulnerability up debuff.
  • Sideslip: An AoE attack that deals mediocre damage.

Canu Vanu:

Another unique fight, that is slightly similar to the Imp in Haukke Manor Hard Mode. This boss is really easy if you manage the totem mechanic properly.

  • Vanu Stripe: A conal AoE attack.
  • Morrowcloud: A randomly targeted magic attack that deals moderate damage and inflicts a DoT debuff.
  • Sacred Totem: Canu Vanu marks players and drops a totem on them. The totem deals minor damage on impact.
  • Totem Chant: Much like the Imp boss in Haukke Manor Hard Mode, Canu Vanu places a large purple field on the ground. Totems in that field after the cast ends turn into enemy monsters. To prevent this, interact with the totems in this field and move them outside of it. Try to space them out around the room to prevent over saturating an area with totems. The cast time is slow enough that even the tank can help move totems if necessary.


This is the final boss of Neverreap. It brings back the very familiar ledge mechanic off fights like Titan, Ravana, and Bismark. Be sure to watch your surroundings so you don’t fall off.

  • Fin Rays: A frontal cleave dealing moderate damage. This attack appears to be very wide, so watch your positioning.
  • Divine Mist: Waukkeon randomly targets a player and spawns a water elemental enemy on them. The targeted player will have a mark on them prior to the attack.
  • Divine Gale: Waukkeon spawns three wind elemental enemies, and gains a shield. Waukkeon will move around the room at random doing AoE damage while doing so. Kill the three Divine Gale to end this and move into the next attack. To know when this attack is coming watch the stacking buff on Waukkeon, he starts it at eight stacks.
  • Turbine: Once the Divine Gale enemies die, Waukkeon will stop and cast Turbine. This is a moderate damage room wide attack that has a decent length knock back. To avoid getting pushed off the edge stack on Waukkeon with your back to the farthest away ledge of the room.
  • Divine Wind: Tornadoes spawn that knock players into the air and deal damage. Try to avoid this when possible.
  • Overflow: A room wide AoE that deals moderate damage.

That wraps up everything you need for a quick and easy run of Neverreap. Please leave any comments, questions, or concerns you have down bellow. For more new FFXIV content, be sure to check out my Heavensward guide list.

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