Nagxian Silk is used for endgame Weaver crafting in Final Fantasy XIV. Here's how to pick up this material for yourself.

FFXIV: How to Get Nagxian Silk and What It’s For

Nagxian Silk is used for endgame Weaver crafting in Final Fantasy XIV. Here's how to pick up this material for yourself.

In Final Fantasy 14 , there’s a ton of top-tier stuff to craft once you hit Level 70 and reach the end game. But crafting requires resources — and the right resources can sometimes be hard to come by. Whether it’s Nagxian Silk or Doman Weave, the best materials for crafting often require a fair bit of hunting.

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If you’re a Weaver, you’re going to find yourself needing both. But you’ll find that Nagxian Silk is particularly elusive. Where obtaining Doman Weave is more of a grind than a challenge, Nagxian Silk can be dangerous to acquire. But this material used to craft Ao Dai and Quan — two end-game pieces of gear that can only be created by a Level 70 Weaver.

How can you pick it up? We’ll give you the rundown in this short guide. 

How to Get Nagxian Silk in FF14

Obtaining this material will require you to go treasure hunting. You need to open any treasure chests you find using a gazelleskin treasure map. Every time you open one of these chests, there’s a chance that a portal to the Lost Canals of Uznair instance, which drops a number of crafting materials (including Nagxian Silk) as rewards for clearing chambers. 

It’s highly recommended that you have a full party with you when you enter the Lost Canals. This area counts as a dungeon and is nearly impossible to solo. Also keep in mind that party members who are downed will not return to starting area and must be revived with items or skills.

When you’re inside the Lost Canals, you’ll want to open the Treasure Chests found in each chamber. Opening these chest will trigger the release of enemies that you have to defeat. But once your group has taken care of the threat, the person who used the treasure map can open the chest to get a reward and a vault key. 

The vault key will be used to open one of two doors. One door will lead to the next chamber (of which there are 7 in total), and the other door will only get your party kicked out of the instance. So to reach all 7 chambers in the Lost Canals, you’ll need to make the right choice 6 times in a row. 

You’ll find Nagxian Silk in one of the many treasure chests scattered around the Lost Canals. It’s a pain to get and a risky venture to take over and over again, but this material is very important if you’re serious about Weaving. So you’ll just have to gring the Lost Canals over and over again until you get the reward you’re looking for.

Once you have it, you can work on crafting the Ao Dai and the Quan!

ffxiv ao dai
Ao Dai

That wraps up this guide to obtaining Nagxian Silk in FF14! Good luck picking the right doors as you make your way through the dungeon. And be sure to check out the rest of our FF14 guides for more tips to help you in your Eorzean adventures!

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