FFXIV: How to Get Doman Weave and What To Use It For

Doman Weave is used for end game crafting. Find out where to get it in this mini-guide for Final Fantasy XIV.

End-game crafting in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood can be a bit of a grind. But it's necessary if you want to make high-level gear that will serve you well as you play through all the late game content. 

Of course, you'll need a number of resources to craft in FFXIV, and the Doman Weave is one such material. Because it's required for end-game crafted items for Weavers and Leatherworkers, you won't be able to make Level 70 gear for either crafting class without it. 

But how do you acquire this crucial material? In this short guide, we'll give you the step-by-step breakdown of where to find Doman Weave and how to pick it up. 

How To Get Doman Weave in FFXIV

First things first, you'll need to own the Stormblood expansion for the game. Without it, you can't reach level 70 -- and thus can't access the only source for this item. 

If you have Stormblood, play until you get to Rhalgr's Reach. This is the main hub of the expansion, so you can't miss it -- just keep following the main quest line. 

Once you're there, find a vendor named Enna on the map (X:13.9, Y:11.6). She has Doman Weave in her inventory that she'll sell to you for 20 Allagan Tomestones of Verity. Buy as many as you need to craft your level 70 items.

Where to Find Allagan Tomestones of Verity

Don't have any of the Tomestones you need to purchase items from Enna? Don't worry! You can acquire them from the following places:

  • Duty Roulette
  • Ala Mhigo dungeon
  • Kugane Castle dungeon
  • Temple of the Fist dungeon
  • Royal Menagerie trial
  • Pool of Tribute (Extreme) trial
  • Emanation (Extreme) trial
  • Omega: Deltascape raid
  • Gaganaskin or Gazelleskin Treasure Maps.


It's as simple as that! Grind up some Tomestones, find Enna, and buy your Doman Weave! The biggest hassle about all of this is acquiring the currency you need -- actually getting the Weave is a piece of cake. 

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Published Jul. 26th 2017

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