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FFXIV: How to Get the Abyssal Barding

Dress up your Chocobo with Abyssal Barding in Final Fantasy XIV!

Now live, Patch 6.5 brings new main story content to the game, but that isn’t all that’s included. You’ll find a new barding for your Chocobo, but this one could be expensive on the marketboard if you don’t have the resources to craft it yourself. Here’s how to get the Abyssal Barding in Final Fantasy XIV.

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How to Get the Abyssal Barding in FFXIV

The Abyssal Barding might be a crafted item, but the materials aren’t particularly easy to collect.

Buying the Barding

Your first option for the Abyssal Barding is buying it on the Market Board. Since it’s new and made with a material from a new Extreme trial, it’ll likely be expensive for the time being. However, that might vary depending on the realm you’re on. For my realm, there weren’t any on the board yet. Plus, there was only one Abyssal Diamond on the board and it cost millions of Gil.

How to Craft the Abyssal Barding

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Your second option is crafting it. The Abyssal Barding requires Master Armorer X, which you can purchase in Radz-at-Han from the Scrip Vendor. For materials, you need:

  • Two Dynamis Crystals
  • One Spodumene
  • Two Ilmenite Ingots
  • One Abyssal Diamond

The diamond will likely be the most difficult material to farm because it drops from The Abyssal Fracture (Extreme). That also means it’ll take time for there to be a steady supply of them on the Market Board. Alternatively, you could use that information to become the supplier of Abyssal Diamonds for your realm to get Gil.

That’s how to get the Abyssal Barding in Final Fantasy XIV. It’s also how to make the barding if you’d rather craft the item and sell it on the marketboard for (probably) millions of Gil. From here, visit our FFXIV guide hub for more topics like how to get the Slump Emote or how to get the Sabotender De La Luna Mount.

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