FFXIV Hydra Fight Guide

Hydra fight guide for the A Relic Reborn quest line.

Hydra fight guide for the A Relic Reborn quest line.

Today I’m finally getting around to the last progression guide for the A Relic Reborn quest line. This fight is comparatively easier than most of the other fights in the quest. There are a few things you need to know before the fight starts.

  • Be on the job you need the progression for with your Unfinished Relic equipped.
  • Two tanks are recommended. While only one tank actually tanks both tanks should stand in front of Hydra to mitigate the cleave.
  • At no time other than the few seconds for Fear Itself should any person be in the middle of the arena. If you have to get to the other side go around the wall.

Duty Commenced!

For the first 25% or so, Hydra is pretty easy. It will do three attacks. White Breath is a front conal with a healing debuff that can’t be cleansed. A tail swipe that’s triggered by someone standing behind Hydra, can be used to decrease damage on the tank. Then Radiant Breath, a donut attack, can be avoided by standing next to Hydra or at max casting range.

At approximately 75%, Hydra enters phase two, if you can call it that. Firstly, Hydra will start using a cleave move that is basically three auto attacks which can one-shot a single tank. This attack can be mitigated by having additional people standing in front of the boss.

Here is a good look at the circles that Hydra leaves on the ground. Disregar the fact that the tanks are not together.

Hydra will also start throwing ice and fire balls randomly. You do not want to get hit by these or walk into the circles they leave on the ground. Ice will slow anyone it touches, and fire adds a massive damage over time debuff. It’s safe to say that if you get the fire debuff you will die.

At this point Hydra will also start summoning adds which must be burned down as soon as possible. If these adds stay up for too long, they give Hydra a buff; one increases Hydra’s attack, and the other increases Hydra’s defense. It seems random as to which one Hydra receives, so don’t take any chances. It is not necessary to tank the adds as they do little damage, so just kill them.

Here is Hydra using White Breath during phase two of the fight.

The final addition to phase two is the reason no on should be in the center. Hydra will run to the middle of the Arena and cast Fear Itself. Fear Itself does over 2k damage to anyone it hits and terrorizes them. Under terrorize, you lose control of your character until it wears off. To avoid this attack, you have to stack on Hydra. If the circles are in the middle, this becomes difficult, so stay out of the middle unless it’s to avoid Fear Itself.

That’s it for the Hydra fight, I hope this guide was useful. This wraps up the entire A Relic Reborn quest chain. You can see those and my other guides on my guide listing.

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