FFXIV: Syrcus Tower – Amon Boss Guide

Everything you need to know about the Amon fight in Syrcus Tower

Scyrcus Tower is the second installment of the Crystal Tower story line. It’s a 24-man raid in which players queue into using the Duty Finder. Unlike the four and eight-man instances, Syrcus Tower requires a massive amount of coordination and awareness. One wrong step could cause the other 23 players to die as well. This guide will cover the third boss, Amon.

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There are multiple mechanics to be aware of in this fight, along with several AoE attacks.

AoE Attacks:

Amon uses multiple AoE magic attacks.

  • Blizzaga-Forte: An Ice based magic attack centered on Amon with a short radius AoE effect around him.
  • Thundaga-Forte: A thunder based magic attack that places three purple circles on the ground.
  • Firaga-Forte: There is no cast-bar, nor is there a way to avoid this ability. It’s a room-wide fire-based AoE that deals moderate damage.

Primary Mechanics:

The mechanics of this fight are primarily add management, certain adds have certain effects. However, there is a non add-based mechanic called Curtain Call as well.

Experimental By Product:

These adds are spawned on the edges and rush to Amon. I’m not quite sure what happens when they reach him. It happened during our run, but I didn’t notice anything in particular happen.

Kum Kum:

These have a tendency to be an annoyance. After the Kum Kum adds spawn players get a purple tether-orb. Drag these orbs to Kum Kum to make them small. Afterwards these adds are easily dealt with. Tether-orbs continue to spawn until the Kum Kum adds are dead.


These snakes spawn at the same time that players are turned into frogs. Each Frog has a specific snake chasing them. However, in frog form players get a strong attack that allows them to kill the snakes that aren’t chasing them faster. Some coordination makes for easy snake management.

Curtain Call:

This is much like the Behemoth battle in the Labyrinth of the Ancients segment of Crystal Tower. At around 20% Amon turns three players to ice blocks. These players take continuous damage while in the ice, so keep them alive. If the player dies, the block is destroyed. Players not in the ice need to hide behind it in order to survive Curtain Call.

Follow everything above and Amon shouldn’t be difficult at all. Good luck and have fun. For more guides, check out my FFXIV guide directory.

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