FFXIV: The Best Way to Get Blue Landtrap Leaf

How to get Blue Landtrap Leaf for all your Alchemy needs in FFXIV!

Miqo'te by Kedtraps in FFXIV
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If you’re leveling Alchemy, you’ll certainly come across recipes that require at least one Blue Landtrap Leaf to craft. Culinarians also use this ingredient for Landtrap Salad. But they seem rather scarce to come across. So, here’s the best way to get Blue Landtrap Leaf in FFXIV.

The Best Way to Get and Farm Blue Landtrap Leaf in FFXIV

Blue Landtrap Leaf can be purchased from one vendor or on the marketboard aside from dropping from enemies.

How to Get Blue Landtrap Leaf in FFXIV

Your first option is to buy Blue Landtrap Leaf on the marketboard. I checked the prices on Balmung while writing this, and they were going for three Gil per leaf as the cheapest option. As such, if you have some spare Gil, this is the quickest way to get them.

Otherwise, you can also buy them from the Kobold Beast Tribe vendor in Outer La Noscea (21.6, 17.8) at 128 Gil per leaf. If you can’t use or don’t want to use these options, then you’ll have to farm them yourself.

Best Locations and Mobs to Farm Blue Landtrap Leaf

South Shroud

South Shroud farming map FFXIV
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For farming Blue Landtrap Leaf, you have two options. First, and my preferred option because the mobs are closer together, and that makes it easier, is in the South Shroud. Here, they drop from Kedtraps and Violet Flytraps – when they spawn –  around (16, 20). Kedtraps are around Level 21, so they’re fairly easy to farm even if you aren’t a very high level. However, Violet Flytraps are Level 50 and don’t spawn often, so you won’t want to focus on finding them when farming.

East Shroud

East shroud farming map FFXIV
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Your second best option is in the East Shroud. You’ll want to kill Milkroot Saplings around (23, 14.6). These enemies are around Level 48, so it’ll be harder to farm if you aren’t at a high enough level. With my Level 90, there’s no issue. However, you also need to deal with a variety of other enemies in the area that are hostile. This makes farming Blue Landtrap Leaf more difficult. As such, I recommend going to the South Shroud to kill Kedtraps for Blue Landtrap Leaf if you’re going to farm them.

All Blue Landtrap Leaf Uses

You can use the Blue Landtrap Leaf in Alchemy and Cooking recipes to create useful items. Here’s a complete list of what recipes you can craft:

  • Growth Formula Gamma (Alchemist): Level 30.
  • Blinding Potion (Alchemist): Level 36.
  • Smelling Salts (Alchemist): Level 40.
  • Fire Ward Potion (Alchemist): Level 34.
  • Ice Ward Potion (Alchemist): Level 34.
  • Wind Ward Potion (Alchemist): Level 34.
  • Earth Ward Potion (Alchemist): Level 34.
  • Lighting Ward Potion (Alchemist): Level 34.
  • Water Ward Potion (Alchemist): Level 34.
  • Landtrap Salad (Culinarian): Level 50.

And that’s the best way to get Blue Landtrap Leaf in FFXIV. The most useful recipe is likely the Growth Formula Gamma listed above, as it’s a reagent used in other Alchemy recipes. From here, check out our guides hub, especially our Starlight Celebration guide, so you can participate in the Christmas Event for 2023 before it ends!

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