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FFXIV – Tradecraft Leves Guide Including Levemete Locations

Leves! Leves everywhere!
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn‘s tradecrafts are some of the most in-depth crafting tasks I’ve had the pleasure of tinkering with in an MMO, but sometimes leveling can take a bit too long. Tradecraft leves help alleviate a great deal of the leveling tedium, if you are willing to craft the items required.

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I touched on triple turn-in in my Repeatable Tradecraft Leves Guide, but some people may find that standard leves are more their budget or style because of the number of items needed to complete their repeatable counterparts. Choose the ones with the best effort to reward ratio for your needs. 

(With 2.1 just about here/here depending on you read this, you need to know that the information contained in these guides is going to be slightly out of date for up to 36 hours, depending on how quickly I can obtain and update the information in each guide. Please note the powerleveling guides will be INEFFECTIVE until XP numbers have been updated and I have recalculated everything. Enjoy 2.1 and sorry for the inconvenience!)

Always keep in mind that turning in high-quality items instead of standard quality items triples the experience earned. You receive the base amount of XP and gil, plus a completion bonus that is double that amount. You do not receive double the item rewards.

Also remember these leves give shards as rewards, in rare cases, you will find those that are given dozens. If you come across a repeatable leve that provides more than a handful of shards, it is probably a good idea to do it.

(Links to my individual tradecraft leve lists can be found at the bottom of this article.)

Types of tradecraft leves

I go over this a bit in every article/list for each tradecraft, but I am going a bit more into detail on it here.

There are three types of tradecraft leves, each one with its benefits over the others that should be considered when you wander to your level-appropriate levemete:


Constancy is the most common tradecraft leve type and is a good middle-of-the-road choice, providing decent experience and little turn-in effort.

This type of leve usually asks one item of you, with the turn-in NPC being either in the same zone or area. The game is sometimes lax with the definition of “same zone” in cities.


Ingenuity is the least common type of tradecraft leve, but provides the highest base experience for the least crafting effort (especially when asked for difficult to craft items).

There is one Ingenuity available within each 5-level leve tier, with each one asking you to turn in the requested items to an NPC in an entirely different zone.


Charity is a triple turn-in or repeatable leve that asks you for 3 or more items, which can be turned in two additional times on the same leve. This makes them the highest potential XP, but the most difficult to craft for.

Charity turn-in NPCs are most often in the same zone or area as the levemete.

Levemete locations

Finding the levemetes for each tier of tradecraft leves is surprisingly easy, but nonetheless, below are the map locations for each levemete Disciples of the Hand will end up heading to in their leveling travels.

These maps can (should?) be paired with my other leve articles for easy travel if you’re a bit lost. The naming conventions are, for the most part, the same as in both my repeatable and standard tradecraft leve articles (though more specific in some cases). Some have notes under them for some clarification.

In instances where there are two levemetes next to each other, the one I am referring to has my blue location marker next to the relevant NPC.


Central Shroud (Bentbranch)

Central Shroud (The Bannock)

This location is for leves level 5 and below.

East Shroud (Hawthorne Hut)

South Shroud (Quarrymill)

Limsa Lominsa

Lower La Noscea

Western La Noscea (Swiftperch)

This location is for level 10 leves.

Western La Noscea (Aleport)

This location is for level 15 leves.

Eastern La Noscea (Costa del Sol)

There is another levemete here, but this is the one you need to talk to.


Western Thanalan (Scorpion Crossing)

This location is for leves level 5 and below.

Western Thanalan (Horizon)

This location is for level 10 leves.

Eastern Thanalan (Camp Drybone)

Coerthas (Observatorium)

This location is for level 35 leves.

Coerthas (Whitebrim)

This location is for level 40 leves.

Mor Dhona

Links to my individual tradecraft leve guides

This list is still growing! I also have a list of all my FFXIV guides.

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