We'll show you how to upgrade weapon stats to successfully remodel them into better weapons in Final Fantasy 15: Comrades Multiplayer Expansion.

FFXV Comrades Guide: Remodeling and Upgrading Weapon Stats

We'll show you how to upgrade weapon stats to successfully remodel them into better weapons in Final Fantasy 15: Comrades Multiplayer Expansion.
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Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Multiplayer Expansion is finally out after a short delay, and after hopping into the new content, one of the first things I noticed is that your character really isn’t very strong at first.

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In fact, you don’t even really start out with anything. You don’t have any sigils to modify your class and you certainly don’t have any weapons that will pack a punch. While you won’t be filling out your collection of sigils anytime soon, you can upgrade and remodel your weapons pretty much right off the bat.

If you upgrade certain weapons in Comrades just the right way, they can be remodeled for a ridiculous power boost, which is quite important early on. In this guide, we aim to show you exactly how to upgrade a weapon in order to remodel it for maximum power.

How to Remodel and Upgrade Weapon Stats in FFXV: Comrades

Weapons in FF15: Comrades are upgraded and remodeled with Cid in Lestallum. If you haven’t already, you must first power up his Remodeling Shop with 300kW before he can help you. Once that’s done, you need to figure out which weapon you want to upgrade.

Is Your Weapon Eligible For Remodeling?

Before you spend a bunch of upgrade materials on a weapon, it’s worthwhile to check if it’s even eligible for remodeling. Thankfully, all you need to do is check out a weapon’s stats to find out. If one or more of their stats have a level bar under it, then the weapon can be remodeled.

How to Remodel and Upgrade Weapon Stats FFXV Final Fantasy 15 Comrades Multiplayer Expansion Guide

Which Weapon Stats to Upgrade for Remodeling

Upgrading a weapon is as simple as feeding it materials that you earn out on missions. Which materials you feed it, however, determine which stats it upgrades and by how much.

In order to remodel a weapon capable of it, you must use materials that upgrade the stats with level up bars under them. Be careful not to hit the weapon’s max level before its stat bars are maxed out, though, because you can’t feed it any more upgrade materials after that, leaving you unable to remodel that weapon.

Once every stat bar and the total weapon level is at max, you can finally go ahead and remodel it.

Remodeling the Weapon

Remodeling a weapon sets you back quite a few materials, so you may find you need to grind for a bit before you can do this. If you can swing it, however, don’t even hesitate to remodel your weapon when given the chance.

Not only does it basically transform it into an all-new weapon, but its attack power also increases alongside its maximum upgrade level. Assuming there are no further stat bars after the remodel, you are at liberty to tailor the rest of the stats how you want.

With remodeled weapons in your arsenal, you’ll shred through the once-frightening mobs of enemies with relative ease. Be sure to check back with GameSkinny for more on Final Fantasy XV: Comrades Multiplayer Expansion.

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