Final Fantasy 16: Chirada and Suparna Boss Guide

Our Final Fantasy 16 Chirada and Suparna boss guide takes a look at how you can eliminate these foes.

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The Final Fantasy 16 Chirada boss fight, which also includes Suparna later on, is something you’ll want to be wary of during your travels. This entity created by the Garuda harnesses the power of wind and has speedy attacks. Our Final Fantasy 16 Chirada and Suparna boss guide tells you how to eliminate these foes should you come across them.

How to Beat the Chirada and Suparna Bosses in Final Fantasy 16

How to Defeat Chirada

You’ll first encounter the Final Fantasy 16 Chirada boss at the end of the Louder Than Words mission. There, you’ll chase a soldier and once the cutscene is over, you’ll battle this foe. Chirada has the following abilities:

  • Air Dash — If you’re further away from the boss, she’ll dash toward you. This move does a bit of damage if you get hit. Dodging and staying on the move is the best way to avoid this attack.
  • Spinning Kick — This lunging attack will cause her to perform a kick with a circular arc. Dodging or blocking works here.
  • Thrusting Kick — Alternatively, this one has a charge-up time, whereupon she’ll slam down on the ground.
  • Aero Lance — When cast, you’ll see a large, green line on the ground. Sidestep immediately since that’s followed by a devastating beam blast.
  • Aero Bomb — Several circles will appear on the ground. After a few seconds, these will erupt. Don’t be near them.

The Chirada boss fight is somewhat easy since your enemy has abilities that can be easily telegraphed. I mostly waited until she used Spinning Kick and Thrusting Kick. Then, I timed my dodge perfectly, which allowed me to do a counterattack.

Defeating this foe nets you 10x Wyrrite, 15x Sharp Fangs, and 10x Magicked Ash. Likewise, you’ll receive the Cleric’s Medallion, an accessory that adds +20% potion healing efficiency.

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How to Defeat Chirada and Suparna

The Final Fantasy 16 Chirada and Suparna boss fight, meanwhile, takes place during the Headwind quest. After clearing the fort of its defenders, you’ll reach the council room. There’s a cutscene that plays, and you’ll have to face these two. It’s worth noting that both creatures will retain most of Chirada’s abilities, but there are also some new tricks:

  • Multi Lance — Suparna’s Aero Lance creates multiple lines and beams that crisscross the entire arena. As such, you’ll want to avoid the first set, then reposition to avoid the second set.
  • Twin Special — These two also perform their own combo moves. For instance, Suparna might cast Aero Bomb, while Chirada does multiple Air Dashes.
  • Assimilation — Killing one target will cause the twin to assimilate abilities into one.

I suggest focusing on beating down Suparna for this battle, since the Multi Lance ability can be annoying — and deadly — when it occurs. Just watch out since Chirada will also use it later once her twin has been taken out. Moreover, there are segments when you need to perform Cinematic Strikes and Clashes. You’ll then be able to stagger both enemies.

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For your troubles, you’ll receive 35x Sharp Fang, 30x Magicked Ash, and 2x Clouded Eye, which are all crafting materials. Also, this won’t be the last time that you’ll encounter these creatures. A bit later in the game, you’ll also come across Wind Elementals. These are akin to regular enemies that have some of their abilities.

In any case, that’s everything you need to know about the Chirada and Suparna boss fight in Final Fantasy 16. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our FF16 guides hub.

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