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Final Fantasy 16 Fafnir Boss Guide

Our Final Fantasy 16 Fafnir boss guide discusses this foe's abilities and how you can defeat it.

The Final Fantasy 16 Fafnir boss fight takes place during the Fanning Embers quest. You’ll have to eliminate this overgrown lizard to escape The Greatwood, but that can be daunting if you don’t know its attacks and weaknesses. Our Final Fantasy 16 Fafnir boss guide tells you about this foe’s abilities and how you can defeat it.

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How to Beat the Fafnir Boss in Final Fantasy 16

The Final Fantasy 16 Fafnir boss is a giant armadillo-like creature that you face as you approach a large clearing in The Greatwood. After the cutscene, you’ll notice how it uses its hulking size to its advantage. Here are the abilities that you need to watch out for:

  • Melee Pounce — Fafnir uses its large forelimbs to swipe at you. I mostly dodged sideways to avoid these.
  • Tail Swipe — Its tail will strike you if you’re attacking from behind for prolonged periods, so don’t hang out on its backside for too long.
  • Do A Barrel Roll — This annoying ability makes Fafnir roll sideways, often toward your location. You’ll want to double-tap the dodge button so you can stay clear; getting a precision dodge is even better.
  • Big-Time Roller — With its HP partially depleted, the boss will curl into a ball before rolling around the arena. This animation takes several seconds, after which it will pounce straight at your last location. Needless to say, you need to move far away from this spot when that occurs. Far away.
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Fafnir has relatively slow attacks, which means you can do a precision dodge at the right time, before going in for a counter. Staying on the move is a good idea in this fight, as well. Make sure to check your surroundings so you don’t get stuck or put yourself against the wall, unable to move away from Fafnir’s attacks.

You can also unlock the Stomp ability by spending a few skill points. This will allow you to do a double jump before striking it with Downward Thrust. I personally used this move a few times whenever things weren’t too risky.

Once you beat the FF16 Fafnir boss, you’ll receive 40x Wyrrite and 2x Gnarled Scale for your troubles. These are both materials used for crafting. A few moments later, you’ll also have to battle the Midnight Raven boss.

In any case, that’s how to beat the Fafnir boss fight in Final Fantasy 16. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our FF16 guides hub.

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