Final Fantasy 16: How to Unlock Hunts

Here's our guide on how to unlock Final Fantasy 16 Hunts via Nektar the Moogle.

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The Final Fantasy 16 Hunt Board is a key feature that becomes integral during your adventures. This allows you to tackle various challenges, where you face monsters to earn rewards. Here’s our guide on how to unlock FF16 Hunts via Nektar the Moogle.

How to Unlock Hunts in FF16

Here’s what you need to know about Final Fantasy 16 Hunts:

  • Complete the Gathering Storm main quest.
  • Take note of the information for each objective.
  • Go to the location to eliminate the target.

Complete the Gathering Storm Main Quest to Unlock Hunts

Early on in the campaign, you’ll meet a Moogle named Nektar. However, the Final Fantasy 16 Hunts feature only gets unlocked once you’ve progressed a bit further. Specifically, you’ll need to complete a main quest called Gathering Storm. It entails helping out Martha with some tasks, mostly by roaming around the swamps and tackling the marked objectives.

I should also note that advancing further in Gathering Storm also makes a side quest called The White-Winged Wonder available. Completing it gives you access to your Chocobo mount.

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Take Note of the Information for Each Hunt Objective

Now, assuming you’ve finished Gathering Storm, return to the Hideaway. There, talk to Nektar, who’s chilling in front of the board. This is the exact moment when you’ll unlock Hunts in FF16. You’ll be informed of various monsters that are plaguing the lands. Here are some other tidbits you’ll want to consider:

  • Rank — This denotes the relative difficulty when you face the monster.
  • Rewards — Rewards include renown and gil / gold. In some cases, a Hunt might be required for a particular quest, or you’d receive nifty items. For instance, Blacksmith’s Blues tasks you with finding the Dozmare Griffin, and you’ll get the Drakeslayer Belt blueprint upon completion.
  • Location — A monster’s location isn’t automatically shown on your map. Instead, take note of the information shown in the document. There are clues, such as the closest landmarks or certain areas where you’d have to go.
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Go to the Location and Eliminate the Target

If you wish to tackle Final Fantasy 16 Hunts, make your way to the location based on the clues. As you approach these places, and a short cutscene will play, where the creature will spawn. All that’s left is to defeat them in battle.

I should also mention that Hunt rewards are given automatically once you’ve eliminated the target. Moreover, you can complete a Hunt even though you haven’t seen or read the job info on the board yet. In my case, I stumbled upon the Rank C Ahriman when I was trying to get the White Chocobo. By the time I talked to Nektar, the objective showed up as already completed.

In any case, that’s all you need to know about how to unlock Hunts in Final Fantasy 16. For more tips and strategies, you can visit our FF16 guides hub.

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