Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis — Best Weapons Tier List

Arm your party only with the best weapons using our tier list guide for Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis.

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There are over 80 weapons in Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis. All of them are tied to one of nine playable characters, and each one has a set of distinct features that allow you to create a multitude of diverse party builds. Our guide will provide you with a tier list of the best weapons in Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis, including their biggest upsides for each hero and strategy.

Best Weapons Tier List in Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis

Here’s a quick breakdown of our tier list of the best weapons in Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis:

S-Tier Weapons

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Wizer, Wizard, and Silver Staff

All three elemental Aerith staves are the best magic AoE weapons in the game and top out our tier list for the best weapons in Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis. These should be used for wave clearing and mob farming, exploiting their elemental weaknesses to Earth, Lightning, and Ice types of damage.

Enemy Launcher

When it comes to non-elemental AoE damage, this Barret weapon is the top one. Use it to clear waves of mobs, and if you need to exploit elemental weakness to Fire damage, then I suggest switching to Flame Projector.


The best elemental sword in the game belongs to Cloud. Murasame deals Lightning and Physical damage, with both of its R. abilities boosting its power to 50% and 120%, respectively. Note that this is primarily a single-target weapon.

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Serpent Eater

If you’re looking for a ranged weapon with AoE capabilities, then Lucia’s gun will do the job. It’s the best AoE weapon that deals Water damage in the game. Just like Murasame, both of its R. abilities boost power.

Motor Drive

The most powerful single-target Wind weapon in the game belongs to Tifa. It’s a single-target weapon that deals 790% Wind damage with another 20% physical attack boost using Materia.

Mythril Saber

If you wish to make Cloud a non-elemental magical attacker, then I highly recommend putting Mythril Saber in the center of such a build. It deals 940% magic non-elemental damage, and in attack stance, it grants another 40%.

Fairy Tale

Not all weapons deal damage! This one heals all allies, and it’s the best in its class, rounding out the S-Tier in our best weapons tier list. Only Aerith can wield it, which makes her the best healer in the game. You can also use it to boost her Earth resistance with the help of her R.2 ability.

A-Tier Weapons

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Jiggy Fam

There are plenty of options with Lightning AoE damage in FF7: Ever Crisis, but Earth AoE is a rare thing. That’s why Jiggy Fam is so valuable for Glenn. It balances his physical attacks with magical damage.


Here’s another one for Glenn, but this time a single-target Fire damage weapon. If your build focuses on non-elemental damage, then I’d go for Rest in Peace instead.

Noble Collar

Although I consider Red XIII the weakest character in the game, he has two powerful AoE weapons: the Noble Collar and the Gold Collar. The first one deals the highest magical Water damage in the game, while the Gold Collar deals non-elemental magical damage.


While most players would probably prefer Zack’s Zweihander greatsword to deal with the bosses, when it comes to AoE Wind damage, there’s nothing better than his Falchion sword. If your build requires Fire damage, then opt for his Crystal Sword instead.

Heavy Hauser

Barret’s tanky enough to take out enemies with simple physical weapons. The best of them is Heavy Hauser, which deals 940% pure physical damage with a 10% critical hit chance. It’s not as effective as his Enemy Launcher, but certain builds will prefer Heavy Hauser more.

Prime Number

Matt is one of the most diverse characters in the game, being able to perform in both offensive and support roles. He can be a great alternative to Aerith and be a solid healer with the Prime Number weapon, which is only slightly worse than Aerith’s Fairy Tale.

B-Tier Weapons

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Mad Minute

Damage and healing are essential in FF7: Ever Crisis, but I’d contend that debuff weapons shouldn’t be ignored. Lucia’s Mad Minute may not be exceptionally powerful, but it significantly reduces the enemy’s magic attack power, which can play a huge role during certain boss fights.


Choosing between elemental and non-elemental weapons can be hard. But what if you didn’t have to choose? Cloud’s Apocalypse sword deals non-elemental damage by default, but it can be paired with Wind materia, and you’ve got yourself a strong Wind physical weapon.

Crystal Gloves

Lucia typically uses various fangs, gloves, and knuckles to deliver powerful single-target damage. But Crystal Gloves may be the only AoE option for her, so don’t miss out on them. Note that these gloves deal Lightning damage.

Arc Sword

Very few weapons in FF7: Ever Crisis can break the defense of the enemies, but Zack’s Arc Sword can break magic defense with a high chance, albeit this weapon’s not one of his strongest damage-wise. I’m also a big fan of its Water resistance boost ability.

W Machine

The last weapon on our best weapons in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis tier list is Barret’s W Machine. This powerful gauntlet does nothing but reduce the enemy’s physical defense, which can be very useful in specific builds that focus on Physical damage.

That’s it for our tier list of the best weapons in Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks articles right here.

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