Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Box Art

In the face of Final Fantasy 7 Remake impacting the overall lore of the Final Fantasy 7 universe comes FF7 Ever Crisis, a title meant to bring all of the fan favorite's important plotlines together into one package for a modern audience.

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis will be an episodic remake of the original PlayStation title, along with additional content from Advent Children, Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus, and Before Crisis to finally pull the full story into one single title and will serve to get the uninitiated informed on lore that will be affected in FF7 Remake as it pushes towards its second episode.

Ever Crisis will feature chibified graphics not too dissimilar from the original game, but will feature a real time battle system over the classic turn-based one. Other differences are surely in store, and how Square Enix will work the full plot into the title is yet unknown.

Platforms: iOS Android
Publisher: Square Enix
Genre: ActionRPG
Release date: Unknown
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