Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis An Error Has Occurred Fix

Received this general error in FF7 Ever Crisis? We lay down some potential fixes.

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As frustrating as it can be when a tough boss impedes your progress in Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis, it feels a whole lot worse when the problem is an error message. Some of these reported bugs have been small in scope, but others have affected entire segments of the player base. Here’s how to fix An Error Has Occurred in FF7 Ever Crisis.

How to Fix An Error Has Occurred in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

If you received the message saying An Error Has Occured on launch day, there’s a good chance that the game should work just fine right now. Many users saw a message saying “An error has occurred. Returning to title screen.” It seems there were some small launch issues early on, although for some players, it’s because they were trying to play a little bit early. This problem has since been alleviated, and the game should function fine right now.

That’s not to say you can’t come across this generic-sounding error any other time. If you do happen to see it, we recommend trying some general troubleshooting solutions.

Restart the Game and/or Your Mobile Phone

Sometimes, the right solution is a quick little restart. Try exiting the app a few times to see if that does the trick. You might want to consider a Force Stop of the application as well, just in case something is running incorrectly. Barring those options, it can be worth restarting your phone.

Clear Cache

Another trick that can help is clearing the application’s cache. You’ll need to dive into your phone’s app settings menus to do this, but it’s a quick fix that can bring results.

Check Your Internet Connection

Although a spotty connection would typically lead to a server-related error, such as the “connection timed out” message, there’s no telling whether or not it could also result in the generic error has occurred message. We recommend running a speed test to ensure your device has a stable connection. Try resetting your router, as well, to refresh the connection.

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Reinstall the Game

This should be your absolute last resort. Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis has a small initial download, but it requires some bigger ones the more you play. Unless you’ve barely touched the game or have fast internet, needing to redownload everything can be a big pain. That being said, this is an absolute method for solving any problems with the application itself.

Hopefully, these tips have helped you find a way to fix the “an error has occurred” message in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis. For other tips and error fixes, such as how to reroll, keep an eye out for our other FF7 Ever Crisis guides going up.

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