Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis Connection Timed Out Fix

Here's a troubleshooting guide for the connection timed out message in FF7 Ever Crisis.

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As exciting as it is to start playing through Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis, nothing ruins the fun like errors that are out of your control. There were a few that plagued players during the beta period, and it’s possible some could see them in the future. This guide will tell you how to fix the FF7 Ever Crisis Connection Timed Out bug.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Connection Timed Out Fix

What Does the “Connection Timed Out” Message Mean?

While we don’t have an official answer from the development team, errors like Connection Timed Out commonly come up when you can’t properly connect to the game’s servers. With two million players downloading it over the first day, the likelihood of someone having this problem is higher. What makes this tricky is that this could be a problem with the servers or due to something specific on your end.

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How to Fix Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Connection Timed Out

The first step toward solving the Connection Timed Out error is to figure out which part of the connection is the issue. The quickest method is to see if anyone else has the same problem. We suggest visiting any relevant subreddits, forums, or social media accounts to scout out if any other players are reporting about it. If they are, then we know it’s likely server side. This is completely out of your hands, and you’ll just need to wait out a bit.

Check Your Internet Connection

If you seem to be the only person running into the Connection Timed Out error, then we know it’s client side. The good news is that you can take steps to remedy it. A common issue for those who play games over Wi-Fi is that the internet connection might not be stable at the moment. Use any internet provider/router apps to test the overall connection and see how fast it is. Alternatively, you can use a browser speed test to check your own device’s connection.

Of course, it’s always worth resetting your router, as that can refresh your internet. Lastly, another option is playing on mobile data, though we only suggest you do so if you have an unlimited plan.

Clear Your Cache and/or Data

On the off chance that your internet speed is fine or if you play using mobile data, then there might be a problem with the application itself. My first suggestion is to clear out the application’s cache through your phone’s settings. If that doesn’t work, you might want to clear out the data, too.

That last part should be considered a bit of a last resort since it typically means you’ll lose out on all of your progress in addition to needing to download a few GBs of the game again. It’s worth pointing out that if you sign into a Square Enix Member account and tie your data to the account, you’ll at least be able to keep your progress safe.

That’s how to fix the Connection Timed Out error for Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis. This guide should help you figure out or narrow down the issue to have a better idea of when you can start playing again. For any other tips or error fixes, such as how to fix crashing or how to reroll, check out our growing list of FF7 Ever Crisis guides.

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