Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis: How to Find the Cactuar

The Cactuar in Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis is easy to miss. Here's how to find it.

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Although a big draw for Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis is to play through many memorable moments from the universe in a new way, there’s plenty of additional content to sink your teeth into. The bulk of the game’s content includes extra fights and dungeons, some of which come with hidden objectives. This guide will cover how to find the Cactuar in FF7 Ever Crisis.

How to Find the Cactuar in Ever Crisis

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The FF7 Ever Crisis Cactuar can be found within the Mako Reactor 1 – Area 1, and more specifically in the final section near the boss. After defeating the Custom Sweeper boss and going through the outside entrance to the reactor, you’ll end up on a walkway. As you walk ahead it will split into two paths. Instead of turning right, keep walking forward and you’ll trigger the fight with the Cactuar. There’s no indication like the bosses and the fight will just start like any random one.

How to Beat the Cactuar in Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis

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As simple as it sounds, the trick to beat the Cactuar is to bring your best weapons and hit this cactus as hard as you can. You want to dish out damage as quickly as possible before it uses its trademark ability to escape. Make sure to equip any 5-star weapons you have and level them up if you can. I also recommend holding onto any limit breaks you build up in this dungeon. Starting this fight with limit break attacks can be a great way to take the Cactuar’s HP down fast.

The only thing that separates this from other fights is that the monster will try to escape. Remember to stay in the offensive stance when attacking and switch to defensive before taking attacks or before healing yourself. If it’s still giving you trouble, there’s no shame in tackling some other content to level up your characters first. This dungeon is permanent and will be waiting for you when you have stronger and better-equipped characters.

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After you beat the little monster, make sure to pick up the shining light on the ground. It’s a missable reward of 300 Blue Crystals. Once you finish up the dungeon you’ll also receive one Draw Ticket.

That covers how to find the Cactuar in Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis. If you’re curious about other platform support, we have a guide to answer your questions about playing on PC. For other tips and crashing fixes, check out our FF7 Ever Crisis guides page.

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