Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis Controller Support Detailed

Trying to play FF7 Ever Crisis with a controller? Here's what you need to know.

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Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis provides a unique spin on the FF7 universe, with modern overworld visuals akin to the original game and combat visuals similar to the remake titles. A key difference is that it’s a mobile-only game and requires players to navigate by tapping their fingers. Given the series’ history, a lot of fans are wondering if they can use a gamepad. Here’s what we know about Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis controller support in detail.

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis Controller Support Detailed

Unfortunately, there’s no official controller support for the mobile game at the moment. The only supported method of control is using your mobile device’s touchscreen. This will come as a disappointment to many, as it’s not difficult to imagine a controller working well.

Aside from long-time fans who would want to play this with a controller like the first game, it would also benefit those with smaller screens and/or bigger fingers. There are a lot of menu functions with small buttons after all.

If you do come across anyone saying they’re playing Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis with a controller, this is likely tied to mapping a controller’s inputs using an emulator. Considering that’s not the way it’s meant to be played and all the potential legal issues depending on how an emulator is used, we can’t speak much more about it. Anyone who decides to look into that will be doing it at their own risk.

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Will Controller Support Be Added in an Update?

There’s currently no indication if controller support will be added or is even being considered by the development team. If any news comes out that contradicts this, we’ll be updating this piece. A lot of players are used to much bigger titles like Genshin Impact being playable with a controller, so there might be misplaced hope for this. That’s not to say this comes across as a cheap game though. Here’s hoping that support might be added somewhere down the line. 

That covers controller support for Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis. If you’re just starting and want the best gear, check out our reroll guide. All other tips and error message fixes can be found in our FF7 Ever Crisis guides hub.

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