We've found all of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake music discs so you don't have to.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: All Music Disc Locations

We've found all of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake music discs so you don't have to.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake‘s Disc Jockey trophy involves collecting every music disc in Midgar. There are 31 music discs in total, and while some are pretty easy to find, others require speaking to specific NPCs and visiting certain places. 

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Below, we list the discs in numerical order, which isn’t the order you’ll come across them in during your playthrough. The game clues you in when you’re near a disc as well; you’ll hear the soundtrack change and see a ??? indicator in the upper left corner of the screen.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Music Discs

Disc 1: The Prelude
  • Chapter 3 (Sector 7)
  • Slums weapon shop (the one you visit for the water filter mini-quest)
Disc 2: Bombing Mission 
  • Chapter 7 (Mako Reactor 5)
  • Purchase from the vending machine in the break room after defeating the Air Buster boss. It’s the one where you have to activate three switches at once.
Disc 3: Tifa’s Theme 
  • Chapter 3 (Sector 7)
  • Seventh Heaven; interact with the jukebox.
Disc 4: Barret’s Theme 
  • Chapter 4 (Sector 7)
  • Purchase from the train station item shop in Sector 7.
Disc 5: Lurking in the Darkness 
  • Chapter 15 (Collapsed Plate, crumbling building section)
  • Vending machine near the bench you’ll find around the crumbling building segment
Disc 6: Let the Battles Begin 
  • Chapter 11 (Train Graveyard)
  • Outside the train warehouse control room is a bench with a vending machine. Buy the disc from the machine.
Disc 7: Turk’s Theme 
  • Chapter 14 (Road going north out of Wall Market)
  • Head out of Wall Market towards Sector 5. Check your map, and you’ll see a loop in the road. Go left, and speak to the woman you find on the path.
Disc 8: Under the Rotting Pizza 
  • Chapter 9 (Wall Market)
  • Interact with the jukebox in an alley south of the Inn in Wall Market
Disc 9: The Oppressed 
  • Chapter 10 (Sewer)
  • The first time you raise a sluice gate, you get access to a break room area. Buy the disc from the vending machine.
Disc 10: The Honey Bee Inn 
  • Chapter 9 (Wall Market)
  • Buy from the Wall Market item shop.
Disc 11: Don of the Slums 
  • Chapter 9 (Don Corneo’s Mansion)
  • Purchase from the vending machine in the back of the room where you rescue Tifa.
Disc 12: Fight On! 
  • Chapter 14 (Corneo Colosseum)
  • Buy from the souvenir shop.
Disc 13: The Chase 
  • Chapter 14 (Sewers)
  • Purchase from the vending machine in the sewers as you head towards Corneo’s lair.
Disc 14: Main Theme of FFVII 
  • Chapter 13 (Shinra Testing Facility)
  • Purchase from the B1 breakroom vending machine.
Disc 15: On Our Way 
  • Chapter 13 (Evergreen Park)
  • Buy from the park item shop; it’s in Sector 6, near the entrance to Sector 7.
Disc 16: Good Night, Until Tomorrow 
  • Chapter 14 (Wall Market)
  • Talk to the old man in the Wall Market Inn, and you get this one for free.
Disc 17: Farm Boy
  • Chapter 9 (Wall Market)
  • Go up the stairs next to Chadley, and talk to the woman in the cowgirl hat.
Disc 18: Electric de Chocobo 
  • Chapter 6 (Sector 4 Upper Plate)
  • It’s in the Ventilation Chamber break room (near where you get the Chocobo summon). Head west past the cargo elevator and take a gondola to the ventilation area.
Disc 19: Costa del Sol 
  • Chapter 8 (Sector 5 Undercity)
  • Buy from the Materia shop.
Disc 20: Gold Saucer
  • Chapter 8 (Sector 5, Kid’s Hideout)
  • Buy this one from the Moogle Emporium in the kids’ hideout.
Disc 21: Cait Sith’s Theme
  • Chapter 8 (Sector 5 Train Station)
  • Buy from the vending machine.
Disc 22: Cosmo Canyon 
  • Chapter 9 (Wall Market)
  • Vending machine at the dead end of the alley, after you finish the second robot puzzle with Aerith.
Disc 23: Descendant of Shinobi 
  • Chapter 8 or 14 (Sector 5 Undercity Train Station)
  • Speak to Johnny at the station to buy this. If you miss it in Chapter 8, you have another chance in Chapter 14.
Disc 24: Wutai 
  • Chapter 14 (Wall Market)
  • Speak to the NPC near the entrance of Don Corneo’s mansion, in the Urban Advancement District
Disc 25: Tango of Tears 
  • Chapter 8 (Sector 5)
  • Interact with the Sector 5 community center jukebox.
Disc 26: Let the Battles Begin – REMAKE 
  • Chapter 9 (Honey Bee Inn)
  • Get 10 Great ratings during the dance mini-game.
Disc 27: Hip Hop de Chocobo 
  • Chapter 3 (Sector 7)
  • Talk to the NPC near the Pizza Sign (and near the phonograph) as you’re following the Shinra soldiers.
Disc 28: Stamp
  • Chapter 5 (Rail Yard)
  • In the Corkscrew Tunnel break room’s vending machine, accessible after you defeat the Sentry Launchers.
Disc 29: The Midgar Blues
  • Chapter 9 (Wall Market)
  • Speak to the NPC trying to sing outside Drunkard’s Den.
Disc 30: Stand Up
  • Chapter 14 (Honey Bee Inn)
  • Enter the Honey Bee Inn, and turn left. Go through the passage, enter the alley, and speak to the woman there to get the disc.
Disc 31: Scarlett’s Theme
  • Chapter 16 (Shinra Tower)
  • Interact with the jukebox near the Item Shop counter in the Combat Simulator area.

That’s every music disc in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Snag the last one in Shinra Tower, and you’ll be all set for the Disc Jockey trophy. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Final Fantasy 7 Remake guides.

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