Learn how to improve your Final Fantasy 7 steal rate the help of this quick guide, which also includes where to steal rare items.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Steal: How to Improve Your Steal Rate

Learn how to improve your Final Fantasy 7 steal rate the help of this quick guide, which also includes where to steal rare items.
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Looking to improve your Final Fantasy 7 steal rates? Look no further. One of the most important mechanics in Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the steal mechanic, which lets you lift important items from enemies during combat. This guide will help you improve your steal success rate in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

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There are two surefire methods for stealing in FF7R. We cover both methods below, including a list of the best rare items you can steal from your enemies.

How to Improve Final Fantasy 7 Remake Steal Rates

1. Obtain Luck Up Materia

The steal command is available after you obtain the steal materia. But in order to increase your chances of stealing valuable items, you need to also get the Luck Up material. Follow this guide to get them.

After you obtain both materias, you will notice that not only has your steal success rate been increased but so has your Critical Hit chance rate.

2. Obtain the Nail Bat

Another way to increase your steal chance is to get the Nail Bat melee weapon by completing the “Kids on Patrol” quest during Chapter 8.

This weapon is imbued with the Luck Up weapon skill that has a similar effect on the steal command as Luck Up materia.

Important Items to Steal in FF7R

There are some items in Final Fantasy 7 Remake that cannot be obtained from any shop or treasure chest. You can only steal these items from enemies using the steal materia.

All the rare items are listed below with the names of enemies you can steal them from:

Iron Maiden M.O.T.H. Unit
Heavy-Duty Bracer Blast-Ray
Champion Belt Grungy Bandit
Magician’s Bracelet Reno
Heavy-Duty Bracer Rude
Timeworn Talisman Specimen H0512
Enchanted Ring Type-0 Behemoth
Poison Materia Failed Experiment
Orb of Gravity Helitrooper
Turbo Ether 3-C SOLDIER Operator
Spiderweb Grashtrike
Elixir Tonberry
Molotov Cocktail Crab Warden
Cuddlesworth Hell House
AI Programming Core Airbuster


That’s it on how to increase Final Fantasy 7 Remake steal rate. For more Final Fantasy 7 Remake guides, check out the list below:

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