Final Fantasy Explorers Job Guide: Ranger

Check out this guide on the Ranger Job in Final Fantasy Explorers to become a master with the bow!

Check out this guide on the Ranger Job in Final Fantasy Explorers to become a master with the bow!
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The Ranger in Final Fantasy Explorers is a physical ranged Job that excels at causing status ailments. They equip bows and are proficient in Bow skills. This allows them to be a Damager and Booster at the same time, similar to Geomancer. Ranger also is similar to Machinist, but with more status ailment skills and a much higher accuracy.

I will go over the basics of the Ranger job, describe the play styles, give an example of a build, and more. Check out my Beginner Tips and Tricks for more help with the game.

This guide will go over everything about the Ranger job in Final Fantasy Explorers including:

  • Ranger Job Basics – Everything you need to know when deciding whether or not to play Ranger.
  • Ranger Ability Build – An example build that I use for Ranger and why I use it.
  • Ranger Job Mastery  – What you need to complete the Mastery Trials: Ranger quest and what you get for doing it.
  • Ranger Job Equipment – What materials you need to craft the Ranger-Only gear and how to get them.

Ranger Job Basics

The Ranger is listed as Damager and Booster because of some ability to inflict status ailments. Their unique ability, Precision, increases Critical Rate, Accuracy, and the chance to inflict Status Ailments. You can also charge it for better results.

Hawkeye, the passive ability, increases the range of projectile attacks and improves Accuracy.

Ranger can move while charging attacks and change directions in the middle of multi-hit abilities. Their auto attacks are fast as well, so you can easily get AP back.

Multiple abilities cause status ailments, often more than one at a time; and you can add more with mutations. This helps cripple the enemy for your team, but also allows you to stay at a safe distance while attacking.

Ranger Ability and Mutations Build

I’m going to give you the build I currently use for Ranger and describe why so you can get a good idea of one of the ways the Ranger can be played. If you need info on mutations and how to get each one, visit my Mutations and Crystal Surge Reference List.

Final Fantasy Explorers Barrage Link

Left Abilities
  • X – Precision
    • Suggested Mutations – Duration Up, Buffs
  • Y – Expedite
    • Suggested Mutations – Faster Cooldown, Regen
  • A – Magnetized Arrow
    • Suggested Mutations – Attack Buffs, Elements
  • B – Silencing Venom
    • Suggested Mutations – Status Ailments
Right Abilities
  • X – Vigilance
    • Suggested Mutations – Link Ability, Recover HP, Regen
  • Y – Barrage
    • Suggested Mutations – Link Ability, Attack Buffs
  • A – Crimson Bite
    • Suggested Mutations – Link Ability, Absorb HP/AP, Attack Buffs
  • B – Nachtjager
    • Suggested Mutations – Link Ability, Status Ailments

Expedite increases how fast your abilities charge, which works for Precision and Magnetized Arrow. Putting buff mutations on it helps it become an even more useful skill.

Magnetized Arrow can be charged and will go through multiple enemies. Silencing Venom poisons and has a chance to Silence as well. You can put more status ailments on it with mutations. Things like Stone, Freeze, and movement lowering ailments help a lot. Nachtjager is similar, but it causes Paralysis and Blind.

Crimson Bite is an attack that steals HP and gives it to you. I have a link from that to Nachtjager, then to Vigilance, and ending with Barrage. Vigilance makes you jump back, turn invisible, and reduces Malice towards you. Barrage is a multi-hi attack that keeps firing and using AP if you hold the button down.

Ranger Job Mastery

When you complete 10 quests as a Ranger, you can do the Mastery Trials: Ranger quest. You must defeat any 30 monsters to complete the quest.

Completing this does multiple things:

  • Allows Ranger to dual wield
  • Allows Ranger to equip daggers and clubs
  • Increases max HP and AP for Ranger
  • Gives Ranger Guide

The last part is an item used to craft gear that only the Ranger Job can equip.

Ranger Job Equipment

Final Fantasy Explorers Ranger equipment

All of the Ranger Only equipment starts with the word Hunter’s. There are pieces for Head, Torso, and Legs. Besides the unique look, Job specific gear adds 5 to your max ability load and takes 5 away from the base equipment trait for each piece. This gives you a total of 15 extra Load.

They all require the same types of materials, but torso uses more. Below is a list of the materials needed and where to get them.

  • Ranger Guide – Completing Mastery Trials: Ranger quest.
    • Amount Needed: 1 for each piece, total of 3.
  • Flan Gel – Drops from Flan monsters, located in Dell’antoni Boltway.
    • Amount Needed: 1 for each, total of 3
  • Lizard Leather – Drops from Lizard monsters, located in Dell’antoni Boltway.
    • Amount Needed: 2 for each, total of 6.
  • Small Compass – Random from gathering pile spots.
    • Amount Needed: 3 for Head and Legs, 4 for Chest, total of 10.

This is it for my guide on Ranger in Final Fantasy Explorers. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!

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