Final Fantasy XV Fishing Guide

Want more details on fishing in Final Fantasy XV? This guide has what you need!

Want more details on fishing in Final Fantasy XV? This guide has what you need!

Fishing is one of the many things you can do in Final Fantasy XV besides going through the story. There are benefits to fishing, such as gathering ingredients or materials to sell. Fishing also has several components that go into it, so you won’t just be able to randomly go fishing without some knowledge.

I’m here to give you that knowledge so that you will be reeling in the big catches and leveling up your skill. If you need to know how to begin fishing in the first place, check out my guide on how to fish.

This guide will go over in-depth info about fishing in Final Fantasy XV including:

  • Fishing Equipment – What you can fish with and what they all do.
  • Fishing Shops – Locations of fishing shops and what they sell.
  • Fishing Skills – What each Fishing skill does and when you get them.
  • Fishing Tips – Extra tips to help catch fish that are giving you trouble.

Fishing Equipment

There are 4 items you use and upgrade for fishing:

  • Line – Determines the durability of your fishing pole.
    • This is the HP of your pole. When it reaches 0, you will lose the line, lure, and won’t catch the fish that bit.
  • Lure – This determines what fish will bite.
    • Each lure lists fish that it attracts, but they can also attract fish that are not listed.
  • Rod – This determines the defense of your pole.
    • The defense affects how fast your durability goes down when reeling in a fish.
  • Reel – This determines the attack of your pole.
    • The attack affects how fast you can reel in a fish.

You start with all of these, but you can upgrade them by going to fishing shops.

final fantasy xv fishing equipment

Fishing Shops

Galdin Quay – Bob’s Bait Emporium

The first shop you will find is near the Galdin Quay. You can buy extra line and lures here.

Rachsia Bridge – Tabby’s Tackle Shack

This shop is north of Old Lestallum. It sells more lines and lures, as well as a new rod and reel.

The rod is the Butterfly Edge with a 150 defense. The reel is Galatea with a 240 attack.

Vesper Pool East Bank – Bert’s Bobbers ‘n’ Stuff

This shop sells the best line, Dragon’s Beard, as well as some great lures and the best purchasable reel and rod.

The rod is Death Spin with a 210 defense. The reel is Nereid with 270 attack.


You can also purchase lines and lures from your car as you progress through the game.

Fishing Skills

  • Level 1 – Allows you to catch fish.
  • Level 2 – Makes durability drop 25% less when fish struggle on line.
  • Level 3 – 10% discount on all items at tackle shops.
  • Level 4 – Increases chance of hooking fish by 25%.
  • Level 5 – Allows you to catch bigger fish.
  • Level 6 – 30% discount on all items at tackle shops.
  • Level 7 – Makes durability drop 50% less when fish struggle on line
  • Level 8 – Increases chance of hooking fish by 50%.
  • Level 9 – 50% discount on all items at tackle shops.
  • Level 10 – Allows you to catch even bigger fish.

Fishing Tips

  • When the fish is struggling, tap the reel button
    • You don’t want to hold the reel in, but you can tap it once at a time to reel it in slightly without losing durability.
  • If fish are hard to reel in and break your line, upgrade your equipment
    • Sometimes just getting a better reel, rod, and line is all you need to catch a hard to get fish.

final fantasy xv nereid reel

  • Buy multiple lures and lines
    • You will need to constantly change lines when fish lower the durability, s make sure to buy multiples at a time.
    • Different fish like different lures, so buy as many different ones as you can.
  • Try out different lures
    • If you cast in an area with fish and nobody bites, switch the lure up.
    • When you use the right lure, you will get the red line at the top of your screen to alert you that a fish is attracted.
  • Reel in quickly when your controller stops rumbling
    • If yo controller is not rumbling, or it is very light, that is the time to hold the reel button down.
    • This allows you to reel it in for a while before the fish struggles again.

That’s it for my guide on fishing in Final Fantasy XV. Now you can catch big fish and reap the rewards! Let me know if you have any questions!

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