Final Fantasy XV Guide: Finding The Crestholm Channels, And Its Lvl. 49 Boss

Frustrated because you can’t find Crestholm Channels or the hidden Nagarani boss? Here’s how!

Frustrated because you can’t find Crestholm Channels or the hidden Nagarani boss? Here’s how!

Throughout Final Fantasy XV, players encounter several dungeons — but some are harder to find than others. One that may be tough to spot is Crestholm Channels, which hides the Jormungand boss. But before getting to him, you must find and eliminate the level 49 Nagarani boss, who is also hidden in the confines of the dungeon.

If you’re having trouble finding this particular dungeon on the map and seeking out its boss, we are here to help!

First things first..

How to Find the Crestholm Channels
  • Go back to the city of Insomnia, where your adventure in Final Fantasy XV started.
  • In this city, you will find the Crown City Parking Spot. On its right side, there is a fence and an unlocked door. Go through it and continue moving forward.
  • After few moments, you will arrive at the entrance of the sewers. Use it to go down.
  • You have just reached Crestholm Channels.

These steps were pretty simple, but finding the level 49 boss hidden in this area will be a bit trickier. You need to take a few extra steps in order to gain access to him.

How to Find Nagarani
  • In order to find this Nagarani, you will need to turn on two out of four generators (the other two will be used to unlock the door of Jormungand later in the level);
  • After entering the Crestholm Channels, go to the left. You will see a staircase. Go upstairs.
  • On the wall, you will see the first out of four generators; pull its lever to start it.
  • Return to where you came from. There will be two level 44 Bussemands waiting for you. Eliminate them.
  • Continue forward until you see a pipe on your right. Slide it down.
  • You will fall into a room with enemies. Eliminate them.
  • Once you clear the area, walk forward, then turn left.
  • By turning left, you will head to the upper level. Drop inside the room below you to find the second generator. Pull its lever in order to start it.
  • Head back to the first room on the lower level and take a left.
  • Slide down again to reach a room full of enemies. Eliminate them.
  • Move forward. There will be a point where the only way to go will be down. Walk into the pit, and you’ll fall inside Nagarami’s lair.
You have found the level 49 boss…but now what?
  • This boss has the skill to turn Noctis and his peers into toads. Equip the “Moon Pendant” in order to counter the toad effect.
  • Aerial attacks are most effective with this boss.
  • It is possible to get out of the area of the fight for brief moments. Use these to your advantage.

Following these tips, you should have no problems in overcoming Nagarani.

If you’re having trouble completing other objectives in FFXV, like the Aspiring Artisan quest, let us know in the comments and we’ll help you out!

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