Finding all Infinite Warfare Weapon Upgrade Armory Locations

Looking to pack even more of a punch in any of Infinite Warfare's side or main quest missions? Be sure to visit all the armories for maximum firepower!

Looking to pack even more of a punch in any of Infinite Warfare's side or main quest missions? Be sure to visit all the armories for maximum firepower!

A new addition to the Call Of Duty franchise, Infinite Warfare includes a series of armories located slightly off the main paths of any given mission that don’t just offer new (and powerful) weapons to scan, they also give permanent upgrades to your equipment. You can unlock two achievements along the way while finding all the armory upgrades: Gear Up and Fully Equipped

Most of the armories are locked and must be proximity hacked, which takes a little time and leaves you vulnerable. Once inside, accessing a terminal offers a randomized upgrade (such as better gravity or seeker grenades), and three of the terminals will provide two upgrades simultaneously.

Below we show you how to find all the armory locations, broken down by mission. Your route to achieve them may be slightly different, since side missions can be taken in any order. You’ll also notice many of the armories are actually in the same location, as some of the ship layouts are identical between side missions.

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Operation Port Armor

The first armory can’t be missed — it’s actually part of the single player campaign storyline, and you are required to access the terminal before proceeding through the Port Armor mission.

This one’s found after walking under a door marked “Armory” and then going through the metal detectors. Accessing the terminal unlocks the Gear Up achievement and your first weapon upgrade.

 Path to the 1st armory

A second armory is available in the mission after you grab the first mandatory upgrade. When the “Escape The Ship” timer is counting down you’ll come to an intersection and see Ethan kick an enemy through a glass window.

Turn right and go forward through two groups of enemies past a malfunctioning door, then check the right side of the wall to find the second armory. You want to move quickly here, as the time it takes to hack the door can end up being lethal if you moved slowly and cautiously through the previous area!

Armory #2

A third upgrade is available in this mission, but it isn’t in a hidden armory door. Instead, you should automatically get an armory weapon upgrade when pulling the lever that opens the floor and ejects all the enemies out into space.

Some people have reported glitches here though — if you don’t see an upgrade icon appear, reload the last check point and do it again.

 “Armory” Upgrade #3

Operation Taken Dagger

This is another armory you automatically enter as part of the mission, but here you can actually miss the upgrade if you don’t access the terminal on your way through.

The armory is at the back of the room with missiles on the walls where you have to defend your position against the assaulting soldiers. Grab the P-Law gun as part of the mission, then head around the table and access the terminal.

Armory #4

Operation D-Con

While the area is on fire you will have to follow Salter, and you should see your squad of soldiers stop in front of a doorway heading to the right.

Don’t follow them that way, instead turn around and go down the flaming left hallway that looks blocked by fire. Just beyond a large ammo crate you will see the armory door on the right side of the wall that is still accessible.

Armory #5

A second armory is found here, and this time it’s not particularly hidden. Eventually you can enter that exact same missile room layout as in Operation Taken Dagger. Just head to the back and unlock that armory door yet again.

 Armory #6

Operation Deep Execute

When you head through the doors to find the tech officer while wearing an SDF uniform, don’t follow him up the stairs yet. Instead, turn to the right and you’ll notice the familiar armory location here that’s the same as from Operation Taken Dagger and Operation D-Con.

Armory #7

Operation Burn Water

After you go through a broken chain link fence and drop down directly in front a building, your squad will try to get you to go inside. Don’t head in yet, and instead turn and run down the left path to find a second building.

This one has a door that must be opened (but not hacked) and isn’t marked as an armory, but it sill has the weapons lockers and upgrade terminal in the back room.

 Armory #8

Operation Black Flag

After coming out of the basement area, you will see a large digital billboard ad that’s lit up just behind a partially destroyed structure with an armory door. Double jump up to the door to access this final armory.

Armory #9

After unlocking the final armory door (and assuming you got the glitchy upgrade from Operation Port Armor), you will now have all the upgrades and unlock the Fully Equipped achievement.

Let us know if you find any other ways to upgrade equipment, and stay tuned for our full list of weapons hidden across Infinite Warfare!

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