Infinite Warfare Zombies Guide: Souvenir Coin Combos

Noticed all those shiny red, blue, and green Coins that don't seem to do anything? We show you how to actually spend them during your Zombies In Spaceland trip!

Hordes of shambling undead make their triumphant Call Of Duty return in Infinite Warfare with the Zombies In Spaceland mode, which is packed to the gills with unlockable areas and hidden equipment.

While fending off a wave of zombies you may run across souvenir machines inside the Spaceland park that require special colored coins. Unlike with the tickets at the arcade, there's no real indication at first of how you get these Souvenir Coins or what can be bought at the machines.

Below we cover everything you need to know about collecting Zombies In Spaceland Souvenir Coins, and the different combinations available for buying new equipment.

 Red Souvenir Coin

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Infinite Warfare Souvenir Coin Collecting

Unfortunately there's no special location to farm Souvenir Coins, as they are simply dropped randomly as you kill zombies in each wave. No one single weapon or number of kills seems to cause these Coins to drop more frequently.

Each player can only hold a single Coin at a time, meaning solo players will have a harder time unlocking equipment than a full group of four players cooperating online.

Grabbing a new Coin swaps out the current Souvenir Coin in your inventory, so you need to place them in the machines strategically to ensure you get the final result you are looking for.

Keep in mind before dropping a Coin into a machine, the power in that area must first be turned on, so be on the lookout for power switches if you haven't flipped them all already!

 Spaceland Souvenir Machine

Zombie Souvenir Coin Combos

Here are all the combinations we've discovered so far in getting rewards from the souvenir machines!

Coin 1 Coin 2 Coin 3 Reward
Red   Red Red  Alien Doll (Shredder component)
Green Green Green Repcrator
Blue Blue Blue Sentry Gun
 Blue Blue  Green  Electric Trap
Blue  Green  Green  Boom Box
 Green  Green  Red  Sentry Turret
 Green  Red  Red  Boom Box
Red  Red  Blue  Fireworks
Red  Blue  Blue  Window Laser Trap
Red Blue  Green  Kindle Pop


Let us know if you find any other uses for the Souvenir Coins or manage to get any different combinations going at specific machines!

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Published Jul. 11th 2017

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