A Flight Rising guide to the usefulness of the forums for new players.

Flight Rising Newbies: The forums are your friend

A Flight Rising guide to the usefulness of the forums for new players.
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Previously, my Flight Rising Newbies guides talked about how to choose your flight and this next guide is about the vital importance of the forums. Flight Rising is a browser-based dragon breeding simulation game. With restricted registration, joining Flight Rising will take a lot of waiting but then all of a sudden you will be thrust into the game with little direction. 

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The forums can help newbies with a lot of things and this guide will tell you the things you need to know about the forums.

Free Goodies

There are three forums that you should check when you first start: Raffles, Dragons for Sale, and your Flight’s Sales. On each of these forums, there will be a surplus of threads giving away dragons specifically to newbies.

Many players like to pay it forward to new players by offering a whole slew of things. Not just dragons, but sometimes familiars, food, and apparel are given away to help out new players. Some flights even put together newbie packages of assorted goods. 

Either way, peruse the forums when you first start out because for at least the first two weeks after a new Registration period there are free things for the grabbing. The free dragon threads are usually on a first-come basis. 

Choose Wisely

With the large amount of free dragons up for grabs in the forums, you may find yourself requesting a lot of them. Too many of them in fact. 

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT just take every single dragon you can find available. Lair space is a precious commodity and taking every dragon that is for free will use up all your lair space.

When taking free dragons, remember: do not just exalt immediately. If you eventually do exalt the free dragons at least name them first. Exalting dragons without naming them is a taboo action on Flight Rising

Choosing your dragons carefully will be better for you in the long run. Take dragons that you like based on the breed, genes, and colors.


After perusing the free dragons available immediately, new players should check out giveaways in the Raffle section. Giveaways can take many forms, but make sure to check out the rules that each player states for each giveaway.

Some giveaways require you to pay gold to get tickets for the giveaway and other times giveaways just require you commenting. There are other times when players will make it fun such as creating a naming competition for their dragons. 


Filling your lair with beautiful dragons is not the only thing that forums can help new players. The Help Center and Guide forums are the perfect place to get information. If there is not a guide about what you specifically need to learn about, then posting in the Help Center will bring other site members to your rescue.  


This brings us to something very important: the community on the site. Other players can be very helpful and interesting to talk to on the forums. It does not matter if you have a small little question or you want everyone’s opinion on what to name your dragon. 

The forums can be a wonderful place filled with many cool things. These are not the only things that you do in the forums, but these are the most important for newbies who are just starting out. 

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