Flippy Knife’s Best Knife Guide – The Best at All Price Ranges, and More!

Learn how to choose a knife and which ones are the best knives at each price range.

Learn how to choose a knife and which ones are the best knives at each price range.

Want to know which knives to save up for in Flippy Knife? Well, you’ve come to the right place… probably.

Chances are you’ve scrolled through the game’s knife library and determined the most expensive ones are the best. In some ways (mainly coin multipliers), that is the case — but there’s more to look at than a knife’s price and the coin multiplier.

There are five factors to a weapon when you’re perusing through what’s available:

  • Weight
  • Coins per flip
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Coin cost

No two knives are the same in every category, though some are very similar. For instance, the 2000-coin Kiritsuke and Cutaway knives are identical in coins per flip and weight, with slightly different shapes. Your biggest focus when looking at a knife should be its weight, its size, and its shape.

Knife Weight

A heavy knife requires more force for a full mid-air rotation than a lighter one, whereas lighter knives are harder to control. There is nothing saying that heavier knives are better than lighter ones, because it depends on the way you like to play.

Knife Shape

As for shape, you need to pay attention to a weapon’s blade. Each knife’s blade is unique, and the blade is the only part of a weapon that will get lodged into whatever you’re flipping it at. Ideally, you want to look at knives that have a large blade in relation to their hilt, and don’t curve inward (this translates to “don’t bother with the Sapphire or Velociraptor”).

Knife Size

The ideal size of a knife comes down to personal preference, but it’s worth mentioning that very large weapons like the Kora (2,000 coins), Tomahawk (watch 20 ads), Wolf Sword (5,900 coins), and Fantasy ($2.49) require a bit more finesse than their smaller counterparts.

Larger weapons are best in Climb mode, are good in Arcade mode, decent in Target, and bad in Combo.

Smaller weapons are best in Combo mode, are good in Target mode, decent in Arcade, and bad in Climb.

Coins per Flip

As for the worth of coins per flip — it’s a little complicated

In the Combo and Climb modes, you do gain coins per flip. Getting full flips in Climb mode is hard, but a 3-coin-per-flip knife can really rake in the cash in Combo mode.

In Arcade mode, the coins-per-flip multiplier affects how many coins you get from the coins you pick up.

In Target mode, the coins-per-flip multiplier affects only your score multiplier. It has no bearing on the bonus coins, which are your only source of income in Target mode.

So Which Knives are the Best Knives?

Well, they’re not all knives, per se. A lot of what’s available in Flippy Knife is other types of weapons, and there are quite a few swords. So let’s reword it to “weapons”.

We covered what makes a good weapon, now let’s go over the best for each task by price tier.

The 100- to 999-Coin Price Range

These weapons/knives all have a 1-coin-per-flip multiplier and, honestly, you’re probably better off saving for something more expensive. (I highly recommend grinding Target mode for coins.)

If you absolutely want to get a new knife right away and only have 100 to 999 coins, your best options are:

  • Butcher
  • Machete

The Machete is the cheapest 3-weight knife you can get and its blade is long, covering the front and the tip of the weapon. But if you’re not comfortable with 3-weight knives, the Butcher is a good middle-ground with its large blade and smaller overall size than the Machete. Unfortunately, its blade is only at the front.

The Military (10 ad knife) is the best of both worlds between the two above. I’d recommend it over both the Butcher and the Machete.

The 2,000- to 2,800-Coin Price Range

There are quite a few knives available for 2,000 coins, but some stand above the rest:

  • Cutaway
  • Kiritsuke
  • Ring Sword

Both the Cutaway and the Kiritsuke are very similar, boasting 2-weight and 2 coins per flip. The primary difference between the two lies in the shape of the blade, with the Cutaway being better suited to landing at the face of the blade and the Kiritsuke being more focused on the tip.

The oddball here is the Ring Sword, which only has a weight of 1 and a 1-coin multiplier. The benefit? It’s a small sword with a broad blade able to hit at a number of angles. This is what I’d call an optimal beginner’s knife.

The 5,000- to 6,500-Coin Price Range

There aren’t a ton in this price range, and there is only one weapon here that beats the competition:

  • Wolf Sword

Why/How does the Wolf Sword beat out both the King and the Fire Axe? All three have a weight of 3 and 2 coins per flip, what gives?

The Wolf Sword has the longest and broadest blade area of all three of the weapons in this price range. The King is similar, but better suited to stabbing than landing a bit on its side, which the Wolf Sword handles much better.

Honestly, none of these three are particularly impressive.

The 7,900- to 8,500-Coin Price Range

There are only two knives in this price range at the time of writing, and one is definitely better than the other. That is:

  • Battle Axe

Not only are battle axes really cool, but the one here in Flippy Knife has two sizable blades on each side of the tip. The downside here is the Battle Axe is unable to stab, which is still better than the Frozen Sword, a weapon that only grants 1 coin per flip and isn’t good for much other than stabbing.

The 12,000- to 19,000-Coin Price Range

The knives in this range are pretty unique, so it can be hard to choose between them. Fortunately, there are two clear, better options here, though the less useful ones definitely look cool. The best two in this price range are:

  • Skeleton
  • Shovel

The Skeleton is a simple lightweight knife with a decent blade size. The reason it surpasses the similar Zero is that the Zero’s hilt protrudes further, which is a dealbreaker for me.

The Shovel is a totally different weapon and is, in fact, actually a shovel. This baby’s blade shape is surprisingly reliable. The only trouble is learning to use it.

The 22,000- to 28,000-Coin Price Range

There are only three options in this price range, and one (the Sai) is way worse than the other two. The best are:

  • Pirate
  • Spetsnaz

It may not be as cool as the Sai and the Spetsnaz, but the Pirate blade is hard to argue against as it’s focused on both the side and curved to the front of the knife.

If the Pirate’s hilt size is a dealbreaker for you, consider the Spetsnaz instead. It may have a square blade, but the sharp area covers the entirety of the front and head of the blade.

The 39,000-coin to Real Money Price Range

39,000 coins can net you Legendary, which is a pretty snazzy sword with a very large blade and two protrusions near the hilt. It is very easily one of the best knives in the game, hands down.

Out of the knives available for money, the $2.49 Fantasy is so much better than the Bad Lazer it’s a little humorous. The Fantasy is also one of the best knives in the game as its blade is so much larger than its hilt, and the sharp part of the blade goes all the way to the tip.

Do not spend money on the Bad Lazer — ever. It’s exactly the same as the Good Lazer, and to get that, you only need to watch ads.

Hopefully, now you can have some sort of idea about what you want to save up for and look forward to in-game. The price of the Legendary is so high, it’s best to buy a reliable weapon you can use to save up. But once you get it, it’s so worth it.

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