How to Make 5400 Coins an Hour in Flippy Knife

You don't have to be a pro to get one of those sweet, expensive knives using this huge tip!

There are a few ways to rake in the coins on Flippy Knife, but one method stands above the rest -- particularly if you're new to the game.

Your first goal should be to save for a knife that costs 2000 coins. This is because all of them have a 2-point multiplier and a few have a weight above 1. If you're really enjoying the game, you need to invest in a quality knife, and quickly.

Now, it's important to note that this method may not necessarily be the best once you get a knife that has a 2 or 3-point multiplier. There's a reason for that, and we're going to get to it. But first let's go into how you can make your first 2000 coins in less than 30 minutes.

Making Money in Target Mode

Out of all four modes in Flippy Knife, Target is by far the easiest because the knife angle is always the same. That's part of what makes it perfect to grind coins when you first start out -- the other part is how often it grants bonus coins.

For each 8 consecutive target hits, you get a 45 coin bonus. And it takes barely any time to get an 8 hit combo, particularly if you're using a heavier knife.

I highly recommend using the Butcher to grind money in Target mode.

The Butcher is the heaviest knife in its price range and has a good size blade, making it perfect for tossing at the target. All you have to do is drag the reticule from the knife directly to the target and BAM -- you've got yourself a hit.

It takes less than 30 seconds to get a full combo, but after that the target starts to move. What do you do? Switch to another mode, then right back to Target mode to start all over. This will reset your score, but you won't have to ever deal with that pesky moving target. Since the bonus never gets higher, this is an efficient way to grind coins up with no problem.

Using this method, you can amass thousands of coins in less than an hour. Even if you're taking it kind of easy and getting a combo each 30 seconds (I've timed mine and get about 24 seconds per combo and restart), you should still be able to amass about 5400 coins in an hour.

After You've Purchased a 2-Point Knife

The above method is certainly safe as can be, even after you get a 2-point knife. You can certainly continue to grind Target mode, but Combo mode can net you far more coins faster if you get the hang of flipping like mad with your preferred knife.

Your knife's multiplier actually affects you coin gains in Combo mode, but the only coins you get from Target mode are the bonuses (and sharing new high scores).

Should you switch to Combo mode for money after you get a 2-point knife?

The coin rewards are more worth it if you can pull off an 8-combo or higher, but Combo mode is much harder than Target and there's no guarantee you'll be bringing in consistent coins.

Think of it like this: You have the option to switch to Combo mode for efficient coin farming after you get a 2-point knife, but it's best to stick to Target mode if you can't reliably get high combos in Combo mode.

Your First 2000 Coin Purchase

The two big aspects to pay attention to in a knife are its weight (the higher the better) and the blade surface. The blade shape and size means a lot and, frankly, I don't buy ones with smaller blade areas. A knife's shape is also important, as those like the Velociraptor can be unwieldy.

My personal recommended 2k knives are:

  • Kiritsuke: Balanced in size, shape, and weight -- this is a well-rounded weapon.
  • Cutaway: Similar to the Kiritsuke, this one's outward-curved blade simply hits things at a slightly different angle than the above

  • Kora: Much larger and heavier than anything in its price range and below, the Kora's blade can land at some weird angles -- including both the end of its blade and the bend in the middle.

Of course, you can skip the 2000 tier completely and go straight for something more expensive. If you're not confident in your ability to get high combos in Combo mode, it may be best to stick with the Butcher and grind your way to riches well beyond 2000 coins in Target mode.

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Published Aug. 17th 2017

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