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Football Manager 24: How to Sell Players

Have players you want to sell in Football Manager 24? Here's how to do it.

So, the time has come to shake up your team roster, but you don’t really know how to do it. In this guide, we’ll cover how to sell players in Football Manager 24.

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How to Sell Players in Football Manager 24

When Should You Sell a Player?

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Before selling a player, you must first evaluate when it’s time to sell them. This greatly depends upon various factors, be it the player’s long-term viability, current ability, and/or your club’s financial situation. More often than not, a player should be sold when they’ve peaked in terms of their ability and market value. When your squad has enough depth to do without them, it’s time for a change.

However, in some circumstances, you might not have a choice. The club you’re managing might be in dire financial straits, forcing them to part ways with their most valuable players to relieve their debt. There are also times when a player will have a release clause in their contract, meaning that other teams will be able to negotiate with them freely should they make an offer that matches what that figure is.

How to Sell a Player

When you’re ready to sell a player, you should first ask the player’s agent about their market interest. This can be done by:

  • Going to Squad
  • Clicking on the player you wish to sell
  • Hovering over the Transfer option at the top
  • Clicking on Ask Agent About Market Interest

This will allow you to not only find out how much other teams are willing to offer, but whether or not the player is willing to be sold to begin with. Once you’ve cleared selling the player with their agent, you can then go about two methods of selling the player:

  • Ask an intermediary to arrange a transfer for a small fee.
  • Use TransferRoom to sell them.

You should only use intermediaries if the player is not wanting to leave or if the offers you’ve received are well below their valuation. An intermediary serves as a buffer between you and other clubs and ensures that their market valuation is met. The catch is that once a transfer is found and completed, the intermediary will take a percentage of the transfer fee as compensation for their services.

How to Use the TransferRoom

If the player is cooperative in being sold, then you can do all of the work yourself via TransferRoom. This feature functions just as the old transfer mechanic did, allowing you to offer the player out to clubs for a certain asking price. If the player is wanted by specific clubs (as indicated by a “Wnt” badge that will be by their name), you can offer them specifically to those clubs by doing the following:

  • Click on Offer via TransferRoom.
  • Select Targets.
  • Enter teams that are listed as being interested.

That covers how to sell players in Football Manager 24. For more Football Manager 24 tips and tricks, be sure to check out our beginner’s guide for new players, as well as how many leagues to load when starting a new save.

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