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Fortnite: Best 14 Horror Maps with Codes

These are the best 14 Horror Creative Island maps and their codes.

If you’re a fan of horror games, there are plenty available in Fortnite’s Creative 2.0 library. However, finding the right game to play can be a bit daunting in the massive collection. To help you find something worthwhile, here are the 14 best Fortnite horror maps and their codes.

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Top 14 Fortnite Horror Maps with Codes

Fortnite’s collection of fan-made games has expanded to encompass more genres than I ever could’ve imagined when I first started playing in the early days of the battle royale. The horror games on offer are some of the most unique you can play right now (and that includes the great selection in Roblox). So, I was eager to find out which were the best of the best. I dove in and played dozens of them so you don’t have to, and these are the ones that deserve your attention.

Black Rain

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  • Fortnite Island Code: 4322-7855-5269

Taking place in a strange noir-style mansion, Black Rain is a stealth exploration game that progresses through a series of days. Getting through each day requires solving a series of increasingly complex puzzles that will truly test your skills and nerves. Avoiding the creepy haunts here is just half the challenge.

FNAF Prop Hunt

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  • Fortnite Island Code: 4322-7855-5269

Of course, I had to include a Friday Night at Freddy’s adaptation. And while there are plenty of options to choose from, don’t sleep on the plainly titled FNAF Prop Hunt. This one does a great job of recreating both the atmosphere and the scares of the highly popular horror game, complete with custom animations and jump scares for added thrills. The multiplayer Prop Hunt mode is a can’t miss twist on the classic. Lobbies consist of 16 players, so there’s plenty of room for friends.


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  • Island Code: 4322-7855-5269

A survival-horror escape room mini-game, Grandma is one of the only games from this list to scare the crap out of me. It’s not just the jumpscares that do it, either. While the setup is simple — escape from an antique-filled house — the game preys on your fears and never lets you get comfortable. There’s always a terrifying monster stalking you throughout your escape. I mean, the picture above is nightmare fuel enough!

Haunted Escape 4

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  • Island Code: 0950-8686-5996

Haunted Escape 4 is another horror map centered around the escape room idea. Here, you can join up to 12 friends and explore a creepy collection of five puzzle rooms. Equipped with only a flashlight, you’ll discover lurking creatures and guaranteed jump scares. To ratchet up the tension, each room gets progressively more challenging, so you might want a team to make your way out. If you enjoy this one, I recommend you check out Haunted Escape 5 next (4794-9705-9153).

Hotel Maniac

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  • Island Code: 0895-5211-1199

Have you ever wanted to be the detective in a creepy mystery story? Well, now’s your chance! Hotel Maniac puts you in the shoes of a detective piecing together a hotel mystery as you work your way out of the building. Investigate drawers, peek behind paintings, and more. Be warned though: you’re not alone. A maniac haunts the objects.


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  • Island Code: 4687-0170-8607

Much like Grandma, Joker features a creepy escape room house. Again, you’ll be tasked with finding your way out while avoiding the attention of a haunting figure — but this time, it’s a huge jester character that looks pulled right out of Goosebumps or Are You Afraid of the Dark? (anyone remember the Ghastly Grinner?). Unique to this mode, you’ll hear the Joker lurking about, but the ambiance makes it tricky to know exactly when you’ll run into him.

Murder Mystery

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  • Island Code: 5253-8468-3364

Murder Mystery is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a cat-and-mouse game where you and other players try to determine the identity of the killer in your midst. You’ll receive a role at the beginning of the match: an Innocent, the Murderer, or the Sheriff. To survive, you’ll have to use the environment to your advantage, getting eliminations as the killer or Sheriff. Other players? Well, they just have to survive.

Night at the Pizzeria

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  • Island Code: 1502-5843-2604

If you’re looking for a traditional take on Friday Night at Freddy’s in Fortnite, this is it. You’ll be put in the role of a Night Guard alone in a creepy pizzeria that’s filled with animatronics. And, of course, they have minds of their own. Much like the original FNAF, you’ll need to check cameras throughout the restaurant and manage your resources until sunrise.

Nightmare School

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  • Island Code: 8894-0005-5598

Nightmare School is just that. The story begins in a classroom where you regain consciousness while trapped in a nightmare version of your typical high school reality. You’ll need to sound the alarm to wake up from this terror and save your classmates, but you can’t do so until you reactivate the power supply. It’s not just your life at stake here. Don’t let your classmates die!


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  • Island Code: 0995-4684-6018

In a sprawling escape room maze, you’ll crash your car in the middle of a cornfield with up to four other players. You’ll need to find help, but it’s not as simple as knocking on someone’s door. On your way for help, you’ll stumble upon a creepy ghost town that seems to offer respite, but it turns out to be anything but. Piece together a weird mystery to find your way out.

The Caves

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  • Island Code: 5355-5776-4479

I think we can all agree that caves are naturally creepy. The dark, spooky networks of tunnels are filled with creepy crawlies and perhaps some other nefarious creatures. This is exactly the case for The Caves, where you’ll spawn as a researcher on a mission gone awry and need to find your equipment and your way out.

The Forest

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  • Island Code: 7395-3026-2615

The Forest will captivate you from the start. A delightful opening cut scene draws you into the story before turning into a nightmare. You’ll crash your car in a forest and need to find your way out in this Deathrun escape maze. Each area has puzzles to solve as you progress, but you’ll need to remain hidden as you encounter lurking creatures.


  • Island Code: 9369-6922-8408

If you’re looking for a Zombies Fortnite mode and aren’t playing MWZ, this is it. You’ll fight endless hordes of zombies in the city with up to eight other players. The mode is fully PvE, and you can upgrade and unlock your weapons. While it’s not the spookiest on this list, zombies are a classic horror theme that never gets old.

Those are the best Fortnite horror maps with their codes. Stay tuned with us at our guides hub here for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs.

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